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Nutanix Database Service: Database-as-a-Service Across On-Premises & Public Cloud

The only hybrid cloud database-as-a-service for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. Efficiently manage thousands of databases.

The sheer number and variety of databases under management is growing as organizations of all types look to differentiate themselves with software and digital Applications.

Most applications use a database, and applications made up of multiple microservices often use more than one database. Driven by competitive pressures, many organizations have also given developers the freedom to choose the best database engine for given use cases.

Add to this the adoption of hybrid cloud strategies and it is not common for even mid-sized organizations to run hundreds, sometimes thousands of database Instances — commercial and open source, relational and non-relational — across on-premises datacenters, colocation sites, and one or more public clouds.

The result is that database administrators spend most of their time on important, but tedious database management tasks and not enough time focused on higher value tasks like database architecture and performance optimization. Developers wait days, weeks and even months for new databases to support application development, which stifles innovation. And, IT and business leaders struggle to keep database costs and complexity under control.


Nutanix Database Service is the only hybrid cloud database-as-a-service for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL. Efficiently manage hundreds to thousands of databases. Quickly and easily provision new databases, automate important, but tedious, administrative tasks like patching and backups, and choose the right operating systems, database versions, and database extensions to meet application and compliance requirements.

Nutanix Database Service benefits


Database Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire database lifecycle, from database provisioning and scaling to version upgrades and patch automation.

Database Management at Scale

Manage hundreds to thousands of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases across on-premises, colocation facilities, and one or more public clouds — all from a single control plane.

Self-Service Database Provisioning

Enables self-service database provisioning for both dev/test and production use via API integration with popular infrastructure management and development tool (e.g., ServiceNow).

Database Protection

Quickly roll out patches across some or all of your databases to protect against the latest security threats and restrict access to databases with role-based access controls to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Customers around the world have simplified their databases across on-premises, colocation sites, and public clouds and accelerated software development with Nutanix Database Service on Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Nutanix Database Service


Experience how easy Nutanix Database Service makes database lifecycle management, management at scale, database provisioning, and database protection through a single console, CLI and API. Take a free test drive of NDB at: