Nutanix Cloud Manager Cost Governance

Unified Cost Visibility and Optimization Across Hybrid Clouds

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) Cost Governance is a SaaS-based multicloud cost management solution, offering comprehensive visibility, optimization, and chargeback capabilities across on-premises and major public cloud environments. Supporting workloads on Nutanix, AWS, Azure, and GCP, Cost Governance consolidates resources into a unified interface, empowering businesses with complete spend visibility. Key features include identifying idle resources, simplified chargeback processes, anomaly detection, budget monitoring, and custom reporting for ease of use.

Beyond cost tracking, the solution provides actionable insights and proactive optimization, enabling organizations to streamline cloud operations, enhance cost efficiency, and maximize the value of their hybrid and multicloud investments. With its robust capabilities, Cost Governance helps businesses gain control over their cloud spending and optimize their cloud investments.


NCM Cost Governance has paid for itself by providing the insight we need to control costs. In one instance, we uncovered an API on a development environment that did not need to be running, and shut it off, saving thousands of dollars per month in just one instance.

Declan Fleming,
Enterprise Architect for Cloud, UCSD

FinOps and Multicloud Cost Challenges

The ability to run workloads across multiple public and private clouds empowers businesses  unprecedented flexibility in deploying applications strategically, optimizing performance, cost efficiency, and operational effectiveness. This shift has elevated the need for enterprises to manage costs across multiple clouds, leading end users to craft and find solutions to increase visibility into their multicloud spending. With the rise of FinOps strategies and rising cloud costs, the demand for a trusted cloud cost management partner is greater than ever.

The solution is NCM Cost Governance, the only multicloud cost management solution.  Offering insights into Nutanix, AWS, Azure, and GCP spending via a unified interface, eliminating the need for juggling multiple interfaces, reconciling data across spreadsheets, and struggling with disparate cost management solutions.

NCM cost governance

Automated Resource Optimization and Purchase Recommendations

The public cloud's on-demand resource provisioning offers flexibility but often results in idle and underutilized instances, increasing costs. Cost Governance automates resource optimization by identifying candidates for rightsizing or termination based on configurable cost policies, eliminating manual tracking across disparate data sources. Its built-in Reserved Instance purchase recommendations provide precise break-even analysis, enabling businesses to strategically opt for commitment-based purchases over on-demand when it delivers cost savings.

Granular Chargeback and Budgeting Governance

Implementing an effective chargeback model requires cross-functional alignment. Cost Governance simplifies this process by leveraging existing resource tags from public clouds to map costs to custom business units and cost centers. This granular cost mapping ensures comprehensive accountability across the organization. Additionally, the solution enables the establishment of budgets for each cost center and implements automated overspend alerts, promoting cost transparency and proactive control over potential budget overruns.


  • Track private cloud (Nutanix) and public cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) consumption from a unified interface.
  • Discover cost savings insights and remediation through resource rightsizing, reserved-instance purchasing recommendations, and schedule-based automated actions.
  • Enable granular chargeback and budgeting with tag-based resource mapping to business units and cost centers, promoting organizational cost accountability.
  • Assess the true TCO of Nutanix clusters through private cloud resource metering, accounting for cost factors like hardware, software, personnel, facilities, and telecom.
  • Establish precise cost center budgets with automated overspend alerts to proactively identify and control excess spending.
  • Generate highly customizable reports tailored to stakeholder needs, providing detailed insights into spend by account, cost center, time period, and other dimensions.

Resources and Getting Started

Customers worldwide trust NCM Cost Governance to manage their private and public cloud spend with comprehensive visibility, optimization recommendations, and granular chargeback/budgeting. To learn more about how NCM Cost Governance can optimize your cloud investments, visit or start a 90-day free trial to experience the benefits firsthand.