Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Microsoft Azure

A Simpler, Faster and More Cost Effective Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) is the hybrid multicloud deployment model for the Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP). It enables the seamless deployment of on-premises and edge environment applications into Microsoft Azure, without any changes in code. Leveraging the same Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) software with consistent IT management, processes and procedures across the entire hybrid multicloud for a faster time-to-cloud value with reduced complexity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“NC2 gave us a real insight into just what we could save by not having to re-code and acquire new specialist skills.”

– Nick Mahlitz, Senior Digital Infrastructure Manager, Forestry & Land Scotland

Product Advantages

Intelligent Workload Placement
Burst to Azure
Disaster Recovery (DR)
to Azure
Deploy and migrate apps and data to Azure quickly and simply without any code changes between environments.
Eliminate upfront development time required to refactor applications for the cloud, then modernize them with Azure services post-migration if required.
Eliminate wasteful on-premises resource requirements for seasonal applications and dev/test environments by leveraging Azure bare-metal nodes on-demand.
Rapidly spin up applications and environments when required, then shrink down when they’re not.
Use Azure regions as a secondary site for your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) preparedness. Benefit from global availability and geographical expansion of your DR solution without owning or managing a secondary datacenter, yet recover in minutes in the event of a disaster failover event.

Features / Capabilities

Hybrid Cloud Management

  • Unified management control plane to manage, move, and secure apps and data across clouds.
  • Intelligent workload placement anywhere in the hybrid cloud without code changes.
  • Use existing Azure customer accounts to simplify integration with existing customer apps or Azure services, without the need for complex network or security constructs between Azure accounts. 
  • Elastic DR to the cloud scales when you need it and keeps cloud costs low.

Infrastructure Intelligence

  • Automatic rack awareness ensures that clusters are built using Azure bare-metal nodes from different racks forbest resilience.
  • Auto host remediation detects unplanned node outages and failures with workload recovery to other nodes and cluster insertion of a new node.
  • Procurement in minutes via the Azure marketplace and automatic cluster build times in a few hours.
  • Superior data retention with bare-metal-as-a-service co-developed with Microsoft Azure improves data integrity and retention during planned upgrades or  unplanned outages.
  • Integrated Flow Virtual Networking simplifies deployments in customer VNets with built-in networking integration to stretch customer on-premises networks and eliminate the complexity of using Express Route between other Azure VNets.


NC2 on Azure Diagram

Cost Savings

  • Flexible Nutanix license portability between on-premises and NC2 on Azure environments.
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) provides cost visibility and governance for line-of-sight visibility into cloud infrastructure costs across on-premises, native cloud and NC2 on Azure.
  • Large cluster sizes of up to 28 nodes minimize cloud silos to reduce TCO.
Azure Model
Compute Platform Dual Intel Skylake Dual Intel Cascade Lake
Processor Cores 18 Cores (per CPU socket) 18 Cores (per CPU socket)
Maximum Memory 576 GB 768 GB
Storage Type NVMe and SSD NVMe and Intel Optane
Maximum Storage Capacity 18.56 TB 20.7 TB

Seamless Procurement and Support

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure is available now in select regions and with joint customer support. 

Azure users can subscribe via the Azure marketplace, using their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) for Nutanix software and Azure nodes. Nutanix customers can seamlessly transfer licenses to Azure across on-premises, edge, and public cloud environments.

Map of Availability

Resources and Getting Started

Additional NC2 on Azure resources, education and more can be found at the following links: