Navigating This Time of Uncertainty

Nutanix is here to help you achieve your business objectives and minimize your technology costs in this era of many unknowns.

We Are in an Unprecedented Time

Our collective reality is upside down and we’re all looking for some sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, the normal we once knew is no more. Budgets are being reduced in fear of the unknown and the way we work is fundamentally changing. On the bright side however, IT will be leading the charge in establishing what our new global normal will look like. How we work, play, learn, and collaborate remotely. With that said, it's up to you to partner with the right technology providers in order to weather our current economic storm, emerging stronger when it's all over. Establishing the new normal will entail adopting the right solutions with a clear roadmap for return on investment (ROI) and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). It requires you to think about your teams, objectives, and improving your bottom line in totally new ways.

The first step? We’ve taken the first step in categorizing the areas you’ll need to tackle. This site is to help you most effectively use Nutanix solutions to manage your day-to-day IT operations remotely. 6 ways to help you ensure your business continuity, productivity, and learning - all remotely.

How We Can Help


Work from Anywhere

With most everyone working remotely, give your employees, students, and contractors the tools and access they need to get work done.


Manage IT from Anywhere

Physical access to on-premise IT resources is limited, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice control. Enable your IT team to manage your entire environment from anywhere


Enable Self-Service IT

Free your IT administrators from low-level requests and service tickets by empowering your operations team to handle everyday IT needs on their own.

Protect Your Apps & Data

Spend less time worrying about disasters and more time focused on high-value projects with comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

Reduce IT Costs

Achieve cost savings with intelligent resource sizing throughout your environment. Drive financial accountability with accurate visibility into your cloud spend.

Learn From Anywhere

Get the most from your Nutanix solutions through hundreds of hours of free interactive online training.