Welcome to Nutanix from your Customer Success Team

Your Customer Success Team

Welcome to Nutanix from your Customer Success Team.

To make your start with Nutanix as easy and as hassle free as possible, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Johan Alfredsson

Customer Success Representative

After five years of working in sales of customized clothing, I got the opportunity to take a step into the world of IT. From Sweden, based in Amsterdam, I'm working with our customers in the Scandinavian market helping them simplify their license base, ensure valid support contracts, and maximize the value of our platform.

Rogier Both

Customer Success Representative

Working with various vendors while living in different countries, I have built an extensive experience in IT and life over the past two decades. Throughout my career, I have developed strong problem solving skills and a passion for helping customers. 

Diana Costa

Manager Customer Success for Digital engagement

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I am Happy Nutant since 2021. Throughout my career, I have consistently held customer-facing roles, specializing in Sales and Customer Success. At present, I have the privilege of leading a highly skilled team dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction and delivering seamless experiences. 

Mart Jacobs

Customer Success Representative

Originally from Belgium, I have been living in Spain for over three years now. My academic background is in law, but I have worked in the logistics- and the sustainable finance sector before making the jump to IT about two years ago.

Leevi Lagerspetz

Associate Customer Success Representative 

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Living in Barcelona but originally from Finland, I joined Nutanix 2 years ago. What is best working in Nutanix Customer Success is finding solutions that suit perfectly the customer’s needs.

Michael Lindahl

Renewal Sales Representative

Swedish in origin, based in Spain, and have worked in the IT industry for 16 years. With a lifelong commitment in professional sales and in multiple technology/service industries, Nutanix was a clear choice when the opportunity came to join.

Andrée Mattsson

Customer Success Representative

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I'm a tech & sales enthusiast from Sweden, with four years in the IT world. Right now, I'm soaking up the Barcelona sun and loving every minute at Nutanix. Helping our customers thrive in the tech game gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

Colin Parris

Customer Success Team Leader

Starting in the IT industry over 10 years ago, I have always placed customers first. When Nutanix’s Customer Success unit asked me to join them in May of 2021, I was delighted and couldn’t wait to start. 

Narayan Raghuram

Senior Customer Success System Engineer, CSV

Originally from India, I lived in Dubai for over 8 years, and 2022 made a big decision to move to The Netherlands. I have been with Nutanix for over four years. In my current role as SE at customer Success, I work with our customers and customer success reps as a technical counterpart.

Kate Uzhegova

Customer Success Representative

Living in The Netherlands, I joined Nutanix 3 years ago after 6 years of experience with other software vendors. Besides my passion to help businesses getting the best possible outcome with Nutanix, I have a Master degree in History which certainly helps me to navigate within different cultures and mentalities I find in my job.

Dennis van Herpen

Customer Success Representative

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After over two years of running my own car trading business, I decided to leave Holland for the sunny Barcelona and join Nutanix. What I love most about my current role as Customer Success Representative is engaging with our customers and helping them succeed with Nutanix.

Kirsty Wright

Sr Customer Success Representative

Originally from Bolton in the UK, I have spent most of my adult life living and working in the lovely Netherlands. Having over 25 years experience of Customer Service/Success, Nutanix Customer Success is the perfect role for me.

Customer Success Learning Plans

The Customer Success Learning Plans (CSLP) provide a comprehensive set of resources, including courses, videos, and documentation, carefully prepared by Nutanix Customer Success to guide customers on their Nutanix journey.

The resources cover a range of topics, such as the Nutanix Support Portal, AOS, Prism Element Basics, and Prism Central. Whether you're new to Nutanix or looking for a refresher, these learning plans are designed to cater to your needs.

The CSLP document serves as a practical guide, providing clear instructions on how to make the most of the available materials. Within the document, you will find direct links to enrol in Nutanix's specially designed courses for our valued customers. Additionally, Nutanix has curated a collection of videos that have been selected to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field.

By using the CSLP, you can power up your understanding of Nutanix and maximise your Nutanix experience.



Onboarding & Adoption Events

These live virtual events are designed to help you set up and become familiar with your Nutanix products. You’ll have the chance to ask us any questions about how to use them in your environment.

Go To Production

Get an overview of your new Nutanix platform; with tips & tricks you’ll find useful for everyday tasks, optimisation options and more.

Technical know-how

Discover Nutanix solutions, from an entry-level demo to the technical deep dive, there is something for everyone with our bootcamps and solution workshops or webinars.

Nutanix University

At Nutanix University, the choice is yours. Our offering helps you create a mix of classroom and online training, so you can learn at the pace you want. With multiple levels of training and certification, you can build a learning and development path that expands your skills and experience. Whether your focus is multi-cloud infrastructure, end-user computing, or database services, there's a path that fits your goals.

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Want to share your Nutanix experience?

Join our reference program and take the opportunity to showcase how you’ve implemented Nutanix into your business and the successful benefits you have received.  

If you are interested, please contact us using one of the options below: 

Nutanix Connection

Join IT professionals and cloud builders to discuss best practices, watch product demos, and more with the Nutanix User Group (NUG) Become a member today and we’ll notify you when an event happens in your area.

Video Support

Meet NAIA, our friendly AI support, that provides you further information on our solutions, tools and offerings

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If you have any questions, please CS-NEUR@nutanix.com.