Virginia Gambale

Virginia Gambale has served as a member of our Board of Directors since June 2020 and as our Chair of the Board since June 2021. Ms. Gambale is Managing Partner of Azimuth Partners LLC, a technology advisory firm facilitating the growth and adoption of emerging technologies for financial services, consumer and technology companies. Prior to founding Azimuth Partners in 2003, Ms. Gambale held senior management positions at Merrill Lynch, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and Marsh & McLennan. She was also the Head of Deutsche Bank Strategic Ventures, and subsequently a General Partner at Deutsche Bank Capital and ABS Ventures until founding Azimuth Partners. Ms. Gambale has also served on the boards of directors of: FD Technologies plc (formerly known as First Derivatives plc), a provider of software and consulting services, since March 2015; Virtu Financial, Inc., a financial services company, since January 2020; Jamf Holding Corp., a provider of Apple enterprise management, infrastructure and security platform, since May 2021; 10x Banking Technology Services Ltd., a private financial technology firm, since March 2022; and Avellino Lab USA, Inc., a private molecular diagnostics company, since June 2022. She also previously served on numerous international public and private boards, including Core BTS, Regis Corporation, JetBlue Airways, Piper Jaffray, Workbrain, Synchronoss Technologies, and IQ Financial. Ms. Gambale holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology.