North Syracuse Central School District Powers a Better Educational Experience with Nutanix 

Hyperconverged Solution Streamlines Administration and Creates a Scalable Foundation for New Learning Applications 




  • Streamline administration to control costs
  • Troubleshoot issues faster for improved network reliability
  • Update infrastructure in seconds with one-click upgrades
  • Minimize downtime of transportation and other essential services


Nutanix Enterprise Solution Built on AOS


  • Microsoft SQL Server-based school administration applications
  • Bus tracking system


Serving more than 8,500 students, the North Syracuse Central School District is dedicated to providing educational experiences and opportunities that inspire students to reach their individual potential as productive citizens. The network infrastructure is the engine that powers many of the District’s top priorities, including teaching, administration, and transportation. The District decided to migrate its traditional data center infrastructure onto two hyperconverged data centers that are active replicas of one another for failover. The Nutanix solution provides centralized management insight that lets administrators discover and troubleshoot issues faster, solving issues in a few minutes instead of 30 minutes or more. One-click software upgrades ensure that the infrastructure is always patched, secure, and dependable. Building on its scalable solution, the District is considering adding Nutanix Frame VDI as a service to expand access to AutoCAD and other advanced applications to students.

Our previous data center required multiple tools to manage and maintain. If a problem came up, tracking down the cause was manual and time-consuming. Nutanix gives us total manageability over a single pane of glass, so the network status is all there right in front of us. I don’t have to worry about our infrastructure anymore.

Tom DiBuono, Senior Network Administrator, North Syracuse Central School District