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John Williamson

Could Status Quo be your Biggest Innovation Enemy?

Disruptive technologies often encounter resistance in the form of status quo biases. To properly combat these biases, you need to know what they are, their true causes, and how to tell a different kind of story--one based in financial analysis--to rationalize IT decision making.

Cloud First is Often a Mistake. Here's Why.

For some enterprises, a “cloud-first” policy can seem like a no-brainer, especially when compared to the quagmire of traditional datacenter infrastructure. Yet new software-defined infrastructure solutions like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) also offer IT agility, as well as greater security and control than what’s available in a public cloud.

Of Mice and Men and Mother Nature: Preparing for Disaster

Most people prefer not to think about disasters–which is why, despite all of the available information, most people are grossly underprepared when disasters do occur.

Nutanix Files Delivers End-User Computing Without Compromise

Enterprises turn to end-user computing, and VDI in particular, to secure an array of benefits, including lower administrative overhead, increased employee productivity, and costs savings.

The Future of the Datacenter is Multicloud

For too long IT organizations and the datacenters they run have been cost centers bogged down with elaborate processes that stymie innovation. The advent of cloud computing has transformed IT service delivery, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility.