Nutanix Leap – A New Approach to Cloud Services


June 28, 2017 | min

Today we proudly announced Xi Cloud Services, a native cloud extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform that powers more than 6000 end-customers around the globe. This announcement marks another significant step towards the realization of our Enterprise Cloud vision – delivering a true cloud experience for any application, in any deployment model, using an open platform approach. For the first time, Nutanix software will be able to be consumed as a cloud service.

Hybrid Clouds Need a Fresh Approach

A seamless hybrid cloud, garnering the best from private and public cloud infrastructure, is the goal of many IT teams. A well-designed hybrid cloud is needed to make strategic workload placement decisions. For many critical and predictable workloads, owning infrastructure is most appropriate, while some workloads are best consumed as a public service.

But hybrid cloud is hard. Traditional third-party cloud environments don’t integrate with on-prem infrastructure. These public services have separate set of constructs and management tools. An all too common result is yet another IT silo, with distinct operational requirements. Given this complexity, most organizations resign themselves by experimenting with new workloads (think cloud native or Mode2 apps) in public clouds, while keeping traditional, Mode1 apps in the datacenter.

To resolve this point of friction, and to create a more unified fabric across different cloud environments, we need an integrated approach that builds on a common Cloud Operating System. One that gives teams the freedom to run their applications in the optimal environment based on budget, SLA or scale requirements – not restricted by technology limitations.

Nutanix is uniquely qualified to deliver on this premise with Xi Cloud Services. Utilizing access to the entire infrastructure stack, Xi Cloud Services will uniquely enable IT teams to extend their environment beyond traditional datacenter boundaries to a native cloud environment that can be instantly provisioned and automatically configured using the same Cloud OS constructs as your Enterprise Cloud.

For the first time, consuming public services doesn’t require “lift-and-shift” projects between environments, so Mode1 applications can finally benefit from a public cloud extension.

Xi Cloud Services will be operated by Nutanix and delivered from datacenters in the U.S., located in Northern Virginia and San Francisco Bay Area. We have also teamed up with Google to Fuse Cloud Environments for Enterprise Apps and deliver Xi from Google Cloud Platform datacenters.

Leap Service

The first Xi Cloud Service that will be available is Leap, a turnkey and integrated service that rapidly and intelligently protects the applications and data in your Nutanix environment without the need to purchase and maintain a separate infrastructure stack. Customers will be able to simply select VMs for protection, choose one of several subscription plans and setup protection – all from within Prism! The VMs will then be replicated in the background, ready to be recovered in the public environment in the event of a site failure.

Fundamental Challenges in Disaster Recovery

Today, customers still need to fuse many solutions to achieve DR readiness. First, there’s a need to provision a second site. Then, setting up replication to protect data in the recovery site. Next, defining a DR runbook – set of operational steps needed to bring up your environment in the secondary site. And finally, security and networking must be configured to facilitate connectivity and proper recovery during a site failure.

Each of these products must be installed, configured and maintained separately. As a result, DR is not only a substantial upfront undertaking, but also drives ongoing operational burden. Leap drives unparalleled simplicity by converging all of those elements into a single service.

The First Built-In DR

Natively built-in to the Nutanix Platform, Leap will eliminate the need to install multiple products to protect your environment. All DR elements will be managed within Prism. Replication is integrated and can be set up to protect specific VMs at a desired recovery point objective (RPO) level. End-to-end security ensures that both data at-rest and in-flight are encrypted for data confidentiality. And even the recovery plan will be defined and managed from within Prism.

True Extension Across Clouds

Leap will dramatically streamline the onboarding process by porting your workloads profiles to the Xi cloud. Utilizing a single OS across the environments, the service understands your VMs’ configuration for the recovery site.

Leap discovers your network topology and lets you extend the network into the cloud in a few clicks. During recovery, the network topology is preserved, eliminating the need to re-IP as part of recovery in the Xi Cloud.

One-Click Testing and Failover

Leap will offer non-disruptive testing to ensure you can routinely examine their readiness, eliminating the need for “fly-and-test” missions in remote locations. By testing non-disruptively, you can practice more often and reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

In case of a site failure, One-Click failover process provides reliable execution of recovery plans that can include multiple steps and external scripts. And during routine maintenance, partial failovers can be triggered as an effective way to temporarily transition applications to a second site.

Leap is planned to be offered for early access in 2018! Building on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, Xi takes a unique approach to public services, offering new levels of simplicity, integration and convenience – supporting all applications running in the enterprise datacenter. So make sure to learn more and stay up to date:

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