Unlocking Cloud Efficiency with Nutanix Cloud Manager: Cost Savings, Time Savings and Streamlined Operations

By Mayank Gupta, Director of Product Marketing, Nutanix Cloud Manager

October 13, 2023 | min

As businesses race to harness the potential of cloud technology, efficient management has become a critical factor in achieving success. To this goal, the Nutanix Cloud Manager™ (NCM) product has emerged as a solution that transforms how enterprises manage their cloud infrastructure.

This comprehensive platform offers a triad of advantages: Cost savings, time savings, and streamlined operations by eliminating unnecessary separate applications and tools. In this blog we'll dig into each of these in detail, using our customer’s first-hand experiences to substantiate these claims.

Cost Savings through Optimization

NCM addresses one of the most pressing challenges in cloud management: Cost optimization. Traditional cloud management often involves grappling with intricate pricing models that can result in overspending if not vigilantly managed.

NCM takes a proactive approach by delivering deep visibility into resource consumption and associated costs. By continuously monitoring and analyzing usage patterns, businesses can readily identify idle or underutilized resources and make data-driven decisions about resource allocation.

Customers appreciate the value NCM brings to their operations. According to Declan F., an enterprise architect at the University of California, San Diego, discusses how visibility leads to cost savings. “We saved a ton of money by having awareness of how we're spending,” he says. “We can see where we were spending incorrectly.”

NCM automation capabilities are instrumental in cost savings. The platform intelligently scales resources in response to demand fluctuations, ensuring that organizations only pay for what they truly require. This elasticity effectively curbs over-provisioning, often leading to significant cost reductions. With NCM, resource optimization becomes a dynamic process that liberates funds for innovation and growth initiatives.

Reduced costs - and time savings -  are benefits that every IT team can appreciate. Amit G., who works in IT operations at a large engineering company, notes how quickly his company saw results. “It saves cost,” he says. “After using this solution, we have clear-cut savings of more than 40%. It also saves time. We were able to see the results within 45 days from the time of its deployment.”

Time Savings via Simplified Management

Time is a precious resource. NCM understands this imperative and simplifies management tasks, contributing to invaluable time savings. Traditional cloud management involves navigating an array of interfaces, tools, and processes, which can lead to inefficiencies and delays.

Jerad W., an IT administrator at a medium-sized construction company, mentions how NCM is saving his company time. “Since deploying Nutanix, I'm spending less time babysitting the environment,” he says. “Doing all the troubleshooting and research by myself could take six hours.”

From provisioning and monitoring to performance optimization and troubleshooting, NCM provides a unified interface that consolidates management functions across the entire cloud infrastructure. This integrated approach eliminates the need to juggle disparate tools, saving time and minimizing errors resulting from managing multiple systems.

An IT specialist at a large energy/utility company describes the benefits of the NCM unified interface. “One of Nutanix’s best features is monitoring a cluster, which is useful,” says the IT specialist. “Anyone can manage it. Specifically, you don't need to have someone with a VMware or hypervisor background to do it. It is not rocket science; it is very easy to manage. It is easier to manage because it provides centralized administration of the entire environment, instead of having something like multiple vCenters. With this solution, you don't need to log into multiple consoles.”

Streamlined Operations through the Elimination of Applications and Tools

Complexity within cloud infrastructure can impede agility and innovation. We tackle this challenge by streamlining operations by eliminating unnecessary applications and tools. In conventional setups, various applications and tools often operate in silos, demanding separate management and integration efforts. This fragmentation can hinder collaboration and slow down processes.

Amit G., who works in IT operations at a large engineering company, notes: “It is an all-in-one-box type of solution.”

NCM is a consolidated platform that minimizes the reliance on multiple tools. By centralizing management processes, it reduces the learning curve for IT teams and enhances overall reliability. Reducing tool dependency simplifies operations and promotes flexibility. With fewer tools to manage, organizations can adapt rapidly to changing requirements, accelerating resource provisioning, updates, and security management.

Kyle N., a systems engineer at a large hospitality company, comments about the time-saving benefits of NCM. “Nutanix Cloud Manager has increased our productivity higher than what it used to be,” he says. “We used to spend four hours on server checking. Nutanix gave us three and a half hours back from those four hours to do normal work.”  

NCM is a powerful tool for modern business operations. It helps organizations save money, time, and resources by optimizing cloud resources, streamlining management, and eliminating unnecessary applications and tools. In short, NCM enables organizations to achieve efficient and innovative cloud management in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Validation of NCM Outcomes for Customers. 

We are thankful to our customers for sharing their unbiased experiences about the benefits of NCM. We are also happy to share that NCM is the winner of the Tech Leader Award in the cloud management tools category on PeerSpot in 2023. The awards were determined based on a combination of factors, including the product with the highest number of reviews and ratings, the number of views relative to the category, the product with the most comparisons to other products in the same category, and the length of reviews.

This makes it two years in a row that we have won the PeerSpot category awards.

PeerSpot Tech Leader for Cloud Management


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