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Nutanix Announces Partner Collaborations and Key Innovations to Nutanix Cloud Platform to Accelerate AI and Hybrid Multicloud Deployments

May 21, 2024 | min

During the annual .NEXT conference held in Barcelona, Nutanix introduced a series of innovations to its Nutanix Cloud Platform, including an updated vision on helping customers accelerate enterprise AI adoption and new features to simplify operations across distributed environments. These announcements reinforce our commitment to helping companies reduce cloud complexity, freeing them to focus on their business outcomes. 

Nutanix and Dell Technologies Collaborate on New Joint Solutions for Hybrid Multicloud

Nutanix announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies aimed at accelerating customers’ digital transformation journeys fueled by infrastructure modernization and modern application development. Through this collaboration, joint customers will be able to leverage Dell and Nutanix hybrid multicloud solutions to improve IT operations, resiliency and flexibility. 

Nutanix Cloud Platform for Dell PowerFlex will combine the benefits of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, powered by AHV hypervisor, for compute along with Dell PowerFlex for storage. Enterprise customers with a need to scale compute and storage independently will be able to seamlessly extend Dell’s linearly scalable storage to Nutanix Cloud solution. Dell will also offer an integrated turnkey hyperconverged appliance combining Nutanix Cloud Platform and Dell servers. The solution will be available with a broad portfolio of PowerEdge server models and configurations to meet requirements from a wide range of applications.

Nutanix Expands AI Capabilities with GPT-in-a-Box 2.0

Nutanix announced new functionality under development for the Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box solution, including integrations with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices and Hugging Face Large Language Models (LLMs) library. Additionally, the company announced the Nutanix AI Partner Program, aimed at bringing together leading AI solutions and services partners to support customers looking to run, manage, and secure generative AI (GenAI) applications on top of Nutanix Cloud Platform and GPT-in-a-Box. Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box is a full stack solution purpose built to simplify Enterprise AI adoption with tight integration with the Nutanix Objects Storage and Nutanix Files Storage offerings for model and data storage.

Nutanix and NVIDIA Team Up to Accelerate Enterprise AI

Nutanix and NVIDIA announced a collaboration aimed at helping enterprises more easily adopt generative AI (GenAI). By integrating NVIDIA’s Enterprise AI Microservices within Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0, the two companies will provide customers with a scalable, secure, high performance AI inference experience, across the enterprise and at the edge.

Through this collaboration, Nutanix and NVIDIA will enable joint customers to leverage Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0, simplifying deployment of NVIDIA NIM for enterprise AI/ML applications. This will expand access to NVIDIA GenAI microservices across the enterprise and edge, allowing companies to fast-track AI initiatives without requiring extensive data science expertise.

Nutanix Simplifies Kubernetes Operations for Modern Applications

Nutanix announced the Nutanix Kubernetes® Platform (NKP) to simplify management of container-based modern applications using Kubernetes. NKP enables customers to innovate faster with a complete, CNCF-compliant cloud native stack that gives Platform Engineering teams a consistent operating model for securely managing Kubernetes clusters across on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments. This can help customers deploy more cloud native and containerized applications that can ultimately run anywhere.

NKP targets a new class of Kubernetes Platform Engineering teams, providing enterprise resilience, streamlined day-2 operations, and compliance to modern apps at scale. This allows customers to manage clusters running containers on Nutanix on-premises and in the public cloud via a single interface, cutting complexity and costs. It also supports cluster management across other environments, including popular public cloud Kubernetes services and various network setups, accelerating innovation by simplifying the adoption of cloud-native architectures.

Nutanix Accelerates Hypervisor Innovation to Drive Enterprise Modernization

Nutanix introduced a range of new Nutanix AHV enterprise features and deployment options tailored to meet the demands of large-scale enterprise environments. These enhancements are designed to facilitate infrastructure modernization by enabling customers to leverage their existing server hardware investments. Notably, they offer increased deployment flexibility to accommodate varying workload and cost management requirements. Additionally, Nutanix has rolled out new capabilities within the AHV hypervisor to bolster resilience and support enterprise-scale deployments. These advancements cater to customers seeking a robust virtualization and containerization platform for their evolving needs.

Nutanix Adds Power Monitoring to Help Customers Track Sustainability Progress 

Nutanix announced new capabilities in Nutanix Cloud Platform that will deliver visibility of the power consumption of a Nutanix environment. This will help organizations improve sustainability planning with power consumption data based on measurements from the hardware in use, updated in near-real time. Customers will be able to visualize power metrics in their Nutanix dashboard and better understand energy utilization across their environment.

Integrated into the Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) software stack, this feature will streamline energy monitoring by offering detailed information on consumption, surpassing spec-sheet estimations or generic values. Furthermore, it complements existing functionalities in the Nutanix X-Ray benchmarking tool, providing a holistic view of power and energy usage alongside other performance metrics. This will empower customers to assess energy consumption for specific workloads, facilitating informed decision-making based on reliable data.


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