Showcasing One Platform to Run Cloud-Native and AI Workloads at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023

By Patrick Campbell, Senior Strategic Technical Marketing Engineer

December 6, 2023 | min

Who can steal the show with just one platform? Nutanix, of course. Our full-stack hybrid multicloud operating model lets customers keep using what’s working for their VM-based apps while expanding to modernized containerized workloads for cloud-native and AI workloads.

As gold sponsors at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023, we captivated the community with engaging demos and informative presentations on the show floor, as well as offsite fun with our ecosystem partners and guests for DevApps & Brews at AceBounce in Chicago. We co-hosted the event with GitLab, Cisco Outshift, Pulumi, and Tailscale.

During the day, Camberley Bates caught us in action with Futurum Live! From the Show Floor by interviewing Luke Congdon and Aaron Delp, two of our most passionate cloud-native and AI voices from Nutanix.

During the week, we also showcased continued innovation in data services by announcing the Nutanix Database Service Operator for Kubernetes with support for PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server.

All of this sounds impressive to cloud-native fans attending the conference, but what’s in it for folks in IT operations who might be new to this and containerized, K8s workloads?

Without a modern, consistent cloud-native infrastructure platform that spans core, edge and public cloud environments, IT operations staff are stuck managing silos of workloads, runaway costs and security risks that are completely unnecessary.

Alternatively, Nutanix helps organizations develop, run and deploy end-to-end distributed applications and modern AI workloads to avoid unwanted events from poorly orchestrated digital systems, such as:

  • A slower than expected checkout process at a retail store, causing a reduction in the overall number of sales and loss of revenue.
  • A broken parking kiosk to pay and exit, causing delays and dissatisfied and inconvenienced customers.
  • Delays in manufacturing maintenance from a bad sensor, resulting in unexpected breakdowns.

Using Nutanix Cloud Platform, IT operations staff provide a cloud operating model that helps platform engineers, DevOps teams and developers get exactly what they need to deliver digital value faster than ever without compromising on performance and security.

Our booth became a hub of activity, featuring interactive sessions and live demonstrations throughout all three jam-packed days. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the integration of Nutanix Database Service Operator with Kubernetes™ solution to see how easy it is to have one database service manage multiple database engines.

They learned more about our GPT-in-a-Box™ solution to get started with AI workloads, as well as how our platform can run any CNCF conforming K8s distribution. Many of our ecosystem partners stopped by to join in the conversations and confirm how our one-platform approach uniquely meets the needs of their customers.

As organizations continue to navigate the complex landscape of container orchestration and cloud-native development, our "One Platform to Run Kubernetes and AI Anywhere" mantra sets a compelling vision for the future.

We proudly welcome any organization that wants to join this exciting time of innovation with us. The event marked not only a celebration of present Nutanix achievements but also a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead in the dynamic world of cloud-native technologies.

Why wait any longer to take a deep dive? Test drive the Nutanix hybrid multicloud platform.

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