Nutanix Annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report Shows our Commitments to Being a Better Business

By Harmail Singh Chatha, Senior Director Global Cloud Operations, ESG at Nutanix

August 28, 2023 | min

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports offer a way for a business to provide a view into who they are beyond their finances. As a technology company, Nutanix plays an important role in shaping the future, and has the opportunity to be responsible corporate citizens. We are proud to highlight our efforts and the progress we are making in these areas as we evolve as a company.

We began sharing our annual ESG report just two years ago as a commitment to increased transparency in sharing our culture, values, and ways we impact the planet and communities we serve. As we deepen our reporting each year, we continue to learn more about ourselves while we track and share our progress.

In our most recent report, we share how we have continued to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining the best, most diverse, and highly productive talent by facilitating an exceptional employee experience. We share how our employees are impacting their communities and those they care about.

In 2022, Nutanix employees supported 675 global nonprofits with 1,940 volunteer hours. They also contributed more than $238,000 in matched donation funds — $50,000 of which went to support the millions of people impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Our company culture drives us to build technologies for the greater good. We’re determined to do the right thing for our customers, partners, investors, employees, and communities. This is why our future looks bright.

Rajiv Ramaswami
President and CEO at Nutanix

We share the benefits of leveraging our own technology to use less power in data centers and how more than half of our energy comes from renewable sources. We also highlight some of our corporate governance practices, which establish a vital framework that enables our board of directors and management to keep our strategic objectives aligned and focused on stockholders and other stakeholders.

This report is more streamlined and interactive than ever before. It’s an example of how our company takes complexity and makes it simple. Furthermore, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our determination to do the right things as we continue our efforts to be a good corporate citizen.


We invite you to explore our report to gain insight and awareness, and hope that it inspires important conversations