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Nutanix Announces a vision for Platform-as-a-Service solutions and new capabilities for the hybrid multicloud

By Tay Foster

May 9, 2023 | min

During its annual .NEXT conference, Nutanix, the leading provider of hybrid multicloud infrastructure solutions, unveiled a series of new product offerings and an ambitious vision to help customers streamline their operations across distributed environments and accelerate the deployment of modern applications.

Project Beacon

Nutanix announced Project Beacon, a multi-year effort to deliver a portfolio of data-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) level services available natively anywhere – including on Nutanix or the native public cloud. With a vision of decoupling the application and its data from the underlying infrastructure, Project Beacon aims to enable developers to build applications once and run them anywhere.

As the initial phase of Project Beacon, Nutanix will expand the capabilities and benefits of Nutanix Database Service (NDB) to the public cloud as a managed service, providing the same database automation and management experience already available on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI). The company plans to subsequently extend this effort to other popular data-centric platform services.

Nutanix Central

The company also announced Nutanix Central, a cloud-delivered solution that provides a single console for visibility, monitoring and management across public cloud, on-premises, hosted or edge infrastructure. As organizations increasingly manage diverse and distributed environments, Nutanix Central extends the universal cloud operating model of the Nutanix Cloud Platform to break down silos and simplify managing applications and data anywhere, including integrated security and license portability. 

Nutanix Cloud Platform

Additionally, Nutanix announced new capabilities in the Nutanix Cloud Platform that enable higher performant and more secure applications and data, all managed through Nutanix Central. These enhancements include optimized database performance with a reduced total cost of ownership, as well as simplified networking and micro-segmentation capabilities across customer, partner, and hyperscaler-owned networks.

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK)

Nutanix has also introduced Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK) to provide customers with scalable control over cloud-native applications and data. Initially delivered as part of Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), NDK will bring the full power of Nutanix enterprise-class storage, snapshots, and disaster recovery (DR) to Kubernetes. This will accelerate containerized application development for stateful workloads by introducing storage provisioning, snapshots, and DR operations to Kubernetes pods and application namespaces.

Additional Data Services

Nutanix Multicloud Snapshot Technology was another notable announcement. This new technology will enable cross-cloud data mobility by allowing snapshots to be saved directly to cloud native hyperscaler's S3 objects stores, starting with AWS S3. This will unlock hybrid multicloud data protection, recovery, and mobility use cases. 

Also, Nutanix Objects now integrates with Snowflake, allowing organizations to use Snowflake Data Cloud to analyze data directly on Nutanix Objects, ensuring data stays local and accelerates time to value.


These new products and capabilities from Nutanix will help the company deliver a seamless hybrid multicloud experience to customers, offer consistent management across endpoints, enable customers to run applications and data anywhere, and provide a comprehensive set of data-centric platform services to accelerate application development at scale.

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