Nutanix Announces Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection to Speed Application Deployment

By: Lee Caswell

May 10, 2022 | min

Nutanix and Red Hat are working together to accelerate the development and deployment of new container-based, Kubernetes-orchestrated applications. The latest result of our work is the Red Hat Ansible® Certified Content Collection for Nutanix® Cloud Platform, which brings Red Hat Ansible Certified Content to 20,000 Nutanix customers.

The Changing World of Application Development and Deployment

Applications are now the currency of digital competitiveness. That means IT leaders are being pressed to deliver digital value from applications faster than ever. IDC predicts that over 750M new logical applications will be developed by 2025, more than the total number of applications deployed in the last 40 years of computing¹.

DevOps Have Turned to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for Speed

DevOps teams have responded by adopting containers to speed application development times and then by largely standardizing on the Kubernetes® platform to orchestrate these containerized applications. Automation is another powerful tool to reduce operational overhead for DevOps teams and the Ansible Automation Platform is widely deployed to automate application configuration and deployment.

Infra Owners Have Adopted the Nutanix Cloud for Speed

Meanwhile, infrastructure teams have similarly had to adjust to this new reality of fast, unpredictable application sprawl. This accounts for the rapid adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) where storage and compute resources can be flexed more easily than rigid three tier systems and deployed with a consistent operating model across the hybrid cloud. The Nutanix Cloud Platform is now used by over 20,000 customers who benefit from this HCI flexibility, automation, and portability.

Nutanix and Red Hat are Now Bridging DevOps and Infra Teams.

The new Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for Nutanix Cloud Platform demonstrates how Nutanix and Red Hat are bridging the worlds of DevOps and Infrastructure. For Nutanix Cloud Platform users, it's a new way to expand the reach of HCI to include Ansible Automation Platform for enterprise grade integration and automation.

“Red Hat is pleased to collaborate with Nutanix as we help customers speed the deployment of modern applications on modern infrastructure," said Robin Nelson, Global Alliance Executive, Red Hat. "The Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for Nutanix Cloud Platform helps organizations implement critical automation tooling to modernize IT environments and demonstrates how our two companies are working together to make it easier for customers to be successful in the cloud."

Get Started

To learn more about how Nutanix and Red Hat are speeding application development and deployment challenges, visit our virtual booth at the Red Hat Summit, May 10-11, 2022. Or visit the following links:

Source: ¹IDC, 750 Million New Logical Applications: More Background, Doc # US48441921, December 2021

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