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Voices of Women in Engineering at Nutanix

By Melissa Sheehan

February 27, 2024 | min

The technology industry, a field commonly celebrated for its creativity and problem-solving, has traditionally been dominated by men. Despite the valuable perspectives, strengths, and skills that women contribute to teams and technical roles, females have been historically underrepresented within the tech sector. While the landscape is shifting, we want to explore some of the unique challenges that women in tech face and delve into how some of the women of Nutanix have excelled despite them.

Let’s meet the women we spoke with from across our technical communities at Nutanix.

Women in tech Women in tech for passion

What sparked your passion for technology?

Rose: “From a young age I had a passion for technology and learning how things work. My career journey began serving in the U.S. Air Force where I developed a deeper love for technology and helping others.”

Bidya: “I have been tech-savvy since my childhood being raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I have always had a knack for fixing stuff, be it the television or my PC.”

Marija: “I fell in love with technology as a child. My first programming experience was at faculty. We were learning C (a programming language) and most of the students in my class were male.”

Navya: “Problem solving has fascinated me since my early days. Many open-source technologies created opportunities for me to get a taste for this. I had the chance to explore further during my studies and after, when I started working on virtualization technology.”

María: “From a young age I wanted to study engineering. I discovered I liked computers and programming at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid where I studied Telecommunications Engineering.”

Mausumi: “I grew up in an engineering family and was introduced to Java (a programming language) in 2007 by my sister. My first impression was that it was vast. I was filled with curiosity.”

What pressures or challenges come with being a woman in tech? How have you navigated these?

Rose: “Sometimes there can be a misconception that women need to act or think a certain way. This can hinder the ability to live and work authentically. I have found that by simply talking about it and having a support system of all genders can break down those barriers.

My advice to others is do not be afraid to take risks and live outside of your comfort zone. Second, find your voice and use it, but don't forget to listen. Find your tribe and help each other grow.”

Bidya: “During college, I was one of a few female students in the Computer Science & Engineering department. The gender disparity was overwhelming. I have received consistent encouragement and support from my family, which empowers me in my career pursuits.

I am fortunate to work in a company that actively promotes diversity and inclusion, fostering an environment where everyone's contributions are valued. Initiatives like our Women of Nutanix employee group, Advancing Women in Technology Scholarships, and the Womencore program in India (supporting women returning to the workforce) encourage women to pursue their passion and make me proud to be a woman in technology.”

Marija: “When I joined Nutanix, I was one of two women on my team. I felt different and wanted to show the quality of my work and that I am good for the position. I pushed myself to show my capabilities which was positive for me.

My teammates are more similar than different in our knowledge, but there is a difference in what society expects of us. I bring connection and empathy to my work, and encourage others to do the same.

Discrimination and adversity do exist for women in technology. I’ve found support from current and former colleagues. It is important to push forward and to stick together to support each other.”

Navya: “Striking a balance between one's personal and professional life can be daunting. Having a dependable team to rely on is crucial. I make a point to reflect on my actions daily, and deem a day fruitful when I acquire fresh insights or refine my current work. Maintaining a positive outlook fosters personal and professional growth.”

María: “Some people may question your knowledge and abilities. It can take time to earn the trust of customers and colleagues. Once you do, you are viewed as a long-term advisor who is trusted in a special way. This has motivated me to be very thorough in my work.

I have also attended external meetings where people assume my [male] colleague is the technical expert instead of me. Fortunately, I have always felt supported by my coworkers and family.”

Mausumi: “There is competition. People try to prove you wrong. It can feel like others don’t value your input. It is difficult to find female leaders and mentors. I have felt that adversity. The struggle makes you stronger. It prepares you. You grow. I’ve improved how I present myself and my ideas, manage my time and focus–and I’m still learning.

My advice to others is to be confident, detail oriented and comfortable not knowing everything. Find support in a trusted group.”

Why Nutanix?

Rose: “While serving in the military I came to know Nutanix as an industry leader with an impressive product line. During my first visit to the Durham, North Carolina office, it was clear what sets this company apart–the culture and people. When I came in for my interviews, the atmosphere at the office was that of collaboration and people genuinely enjoying their work and their colleagues.

We work on cutting-edge technologies so there are many opportunities to engage in exciting products. Whether it's cloud, storage, network, or server–we have something for everyone. We find purpose in innovative solutions which provides a great opportunity for challenging and rewarding work.”

Bidya: “In my final year of B.Tech I got an opportunity to pursue an internship at Nutanix. The company values ‘hungry, humble, honest, with heart’ intrigued me as they aligned to my personal ideology. I witnessed the incredible culture, people and benefits during my internship and was blessed to begin my career in 2022 when I joined Nutanix as an employee.”

Marija: “During my studies I had a few internships. I worked at a well-known IT company in Serbia where I got experience relevant to Nutanix. I learned about Nutanix in the local news and followed what Nutanix was doing for some time. Four years later I applied to a job opening.

I was attracted to Nutanix because of the unique product and the people. We work with modern technology and do core engineering and development for products that will be used by businesses around the world.”

Navya: “I moved to Australia with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry. In 2022, I joined Nutanix because I was impressed by the top-notch Support Team and the many opportunities for growth. I have loved my experience from day one as the team is very skilled and inclusive. Peer recognition for good work is a regular practice here and helps me stay motivated.”

María: “I earned a master’s in Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart in Germany where I had my first corporate experience with a data mining internship at IBM.

I then worked as a delivery engineer at EMC (now Dell EMC) where I learned about domain controllers (DCs), storage arrays, Fibre Channel, RAID groups, data protection and backup policies. I realized I would prefer a more sales-oriented technical position. I joined Nutanix in 2017 as our first female Systems Engineer in Europe. I enjoy being a technical advisor to our customers, understanding their challenges and proposing solutions.

I was attracted to Nutanix because of our strong solution, the people, and the culture. The technology was disruptive, and rapidly changing with a strong investment in R&D–which is still true many years later!


Mausumi: “I left India for the US in 2013. I worked at Cisco building a graphical user interface. A few years later, I joined Nutanix which was a startup back then [in 2015]. I was excited to build from scratch and to contribute to a virtualization framework. It has been a journey ever since, my team grew from one to 10 people, and I lead a team today.”

How do you feel supported at Nutanix?

Rose: “The people I work with are collaborative, diverse, and passionate about helping each other in their career growth. We have so many great mentors that embrace our culture principles to empower others to reach their full potential. We care about helping each other to be better which is the best support system anyone could ask for. I also really appreciate and enjoy participating in our LIFE groups [or employee resource groups]. I never had such a sense of belonging at other companies.”

Bidya: “The work culture is simply amazing. I have received unwavering support and guidance from my colleagues and leadership team. Each day offers new learnings, challenges, and opportunities for improvement, fostering a continuous drive for excellence. Receiving a Nutanix Star Award last quarter was gratifying, as it reflected peer recognition for my contributions. I am grateful to be part of a workplace that values and acknowledges individual efforts and promotes employee growth through various training and certifications.”

Marija: “The people at Nutanix are the best of the best. Besides their technical knowledge, there is a lot of collaboration, a willingness to help others, and people are open to exploring market trends. It is interesting working with people from different cultures all over the world. It challenges me to question my perceptions.”

Navya: “Nutanix has a friendly and supportive culture that values the well-being of its employees. Be it technical or personal support, Nutanix offers the best. There are many technical training and certifications offered, and I have completed a few core certifications. There are also good employee benefits. I conceived my first child soon after joining Nutanix and I couldn't have received better support from my team.”

María: “The people and culture align with me. It has been enriching to get exposure to different technology and business areas, and to watch our product mature.

Working at Nutanix offers the opportunity to evolve in many directions, towards a more advisory role or to specialize in many different areas like cloud architecture, cloud native, containers, database as a service (DBaaS), end-user computing (EUC), etc.”

Mausumi: “I’ve found support through Nutanix leaders and colleagues, like Vishal [Senior Vice President Nutanix Cloud Manager, GM Unified Storage], Terri [Director, Technical Programs], and Ramesh [Senior Director, Engineering]. They recognize me, advise me, and have helped me build my confidence, technical and leadership skills.

It is important to support others too. I recommend people for promotions and awards and recognize them through our Nutanix Excellence Program [for peer recognition]. As others grow and succeed, I do too.”


It’s clear there are challenges that women in tech face, however, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Thank you to the unique and talented women who shared their stories with us, and to all the brave and determined women out there making a difference in their corner of the industry. We’re all in this together.

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