Melissa Sheehan, What's My Why?

By George Davis

September 16, 2022 | min

 “What’s my why?” is a series of employee profiles that introduces Nutanix employees all over the globe to colleagues that volunteer and support causes that are meaningful to them through our .heart Corporate Social Responsibility program.  Employees like Melissa Sheehan use our  volunteer time off (VTO) to do good in the world, living the values of Hungry, Humble, and Honest, with heart!

Melissa joined Nutanix in 2019 and is based in San Francisco, California where she champions our global employer brand efforts within our Talent Acquisition team. Here’s our conversation with her on the why behind her volunteerism.

What’s a cause you are passionate about? 

I enjoy working with youth. They’re energetic and don’t take themselves too seriously. 

A few years ago I volunteered as a Reach and Rise mentor through the YMCA. The year-long therapeutic mentoring program matches mentors with young people who are referred by schools and counselors. After my mentorship ended, I recruited future mentors for the program. 

Besides the YMCA, how do you get involved?

I do a mix of volunteering and donating. I also support New Door Ventures, an organization that puts disconnected youth on a path toward economic opportunity through internships and jobs. I volunteer for career roundtables, mock interviews and resume workshop events to help enable youth to get into the workforce. 

Thanks to Melissa for her heart. To learn more about our .heart Corporate Social Responsibility programs, visit our Social Responsibility page.