From Scholarship Recipient to Nutanix Software Engineer

Meet Nađa Gavrilović

By Melissa Sheehan

June 28, 2022 | min

Proud to call herself a woman in engineering, Nađa (Nadja) Gavrilović was recently hired as a full-time engineer for our team in Serbia after previously being awarded one of our Nutanix .heart Advancing Women in Technology (AWIT) Scholarships. We spoke with Nađa about her new hire experience at Nutanix, the impact of receiving the AWIT scholarship, and her transition from student to full-time employee at Nutanix.

Share with us your role at Nutanix?

I recently joined the Nutanix team as a software engineer. I work with an amazing Serbian team of engineers developing new platforms and solutions. I’m very proud of it.

How would you describe your experience working for Nutanix and what's been your favorite part about your role so far?

Although I joined my team in March of 2022, the whole team made my adjustment from student to engineer a very pleasant experience. I believe a good team and a supportive environment are a prerequisite for job satisfaction, and I am very grateful to have them.

Everyday activities during the workday are always challenging and never the same, but that’s exactly what makes my job so fun. I especially enjoy the tasks that require me to think outside the box seeking creative, practical, and efficient coding solutions. I also enjoy that my job allows me to progress and learn.

What attracted you to Nutanix?

Nutanix is a well-known company in Serbia and is talked about a lot for having a good reputation, especially among students. The faculty at my school shared the Nutanix AWIT Scholarship program, for which I judged myself to be a good candidate and was later fortunate to be one of the ten global recipients.

It so happened that my Ph.D. studies in electrical engineering intersect with the work of the Nutanix software development team in Serbia. I see my team and Nutanix as a place where I can make significant progress and continue to improve in the engineering space on a whole new level.

What was the scholarship application process like for you?

The application process involved filling out an application form and writing an essay. The application was very detailed, which allowed me to present myself as accurately as possible. I believe that, in addition to highlighting my professional skills, the social responsibility of a candidate is very important to Nutanix. The application also allowed for me to include additional components of myself like my language and social science education, as well as volunteerism.

Presenting yourself in an essay can be challenging, but is also a great opportunity to add something personal to the application and show your unique point of view. The essay asks applicants to write 500 words on how I have helped to advance the presence of women in technology and how I hope to shape the future of women in technology. My advice to future applicants is to do their best to write an essay as personalized as possible, and to avoid classic topics and phrases.

Share with us the impact of the Nutanix .heart AWIT scholarship?

I received the scholarship while I was nearing the end of my master's degree in electrical engineering and computer science. I still had a lot of hard work to complete my studies, so this scholarship was a great incentive and confirmation that my efforts were worthwhile, recognized, and valued. It helped me to successfully complete my master's studies and enroll in my Ph.D. program.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in technology and what advice would you give to other women who are thinking about a career in tech?

Women are sadly underrepresented in technology. However, our numbers are continuing to increase in the tech space and women will continue to bring new perspectives and energy to any tech team.

As for advice, I would tell them what I would tell myself ten years ago: there are no obstacles if you are determined to get what you want.

What's an important lesson you’re learning transitioning from school to working at Nutanix?

I realized that although many students are afraid of not having enough work experience post-graduation, we still have so much knowledge that just needs to be steered in the right direction so we can learn how to use it most effectively. You have more to offer a company than you’d think.

So, my advice is that there is no need to be afraid of new beginnings because it is just a door to everything we can achieve.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

While I am currently a software engineer who wears glasses, few would know that I actually have a short history in the fashion world as a model. In my twenties, it was a hobby that I pursued and still occasionally return to. It's always fun to mix the “best from different worlds”.


Thank you to Nađa for sharing her story and highlighting growth opportunities here at Nutanix. To learn more about our team, culture, and career opportunities at Nutanix, visit our careers page.

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