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Obsessing Over Our Customers: Meet Karthik Kova

Life at Nutanix

January 8, 2024 | min

Meet Karthik Kova

Karthik Kova (he/him) is a seasoned professional with extensive experience working with customers to solve their challenges. He joined Nutanix in September 2023 as an employee based in our Bangalore, India office. As a Customer Service Advocate, Karthik works directly with Nutanix customers to position them for success. We spoke with Karthik about his path to Nutanix, his perspective on accessibility as a person with a vision impairment, and his experience as an employee.

Can you share a bit about your role at Nutanix?

I support our customers to help them resolve licensing and portal challenges. I have a genuine commitment and a proactive approach to helping our customers.

Examples of issues I support customers with might include the application of purchased and provisioned licenses, converting or reclaiming licenses, portal account registration, password resets, Multi-Factor Authentication, Role Based Access Control, linking customer accounts/sub accounts, and adding authorized domains.

What are some highlights from your prior education or work experience that stand out on your path to where you are today?

While earning my Master’s degree at Monmouth University, I was elected as the President of the International Students. This gave me exposure to develop my leadership skills and adapt to diverse cultures and food.

Another highlight that stands out is an opportunity I had in a previous role at Cisco, where I stepped into a Team Lead role for the High Touch Technical Services Hardware Team. In that role, I supported premium customers around the globe to troubleshoot, isolate and resolve hardware issues related to switching, routing and UCS platforms and had an opportunity to get involved in resolving escalated customer cases. 

Both experiences prepared me for the work I’m doing today.

Karthik and friends from his studies at Monmouth University

Karthik (right) and friends from his studies at Monmouth University

What is the best part of your job?

Interacting with our customers and representing the company as the face of Nutanix is the best part of my job. I’m honored that the leadership team identified my capabilities to work in my current role. The experience of working in this challenging job helps me grow professionally and personally.

Why did you join Nutanix?

Career advancement opportunities and the company culture attracted me to Nutanix.

What makes Nutanix a great place to work?

The work environment and supportive culture within my team is special. My team has been very adaptive towards my special needs. As a person with Vision Impairment, a supportive team and environment is important. I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in both my eyes as a child and I use a combination of Windows In-built Screen Magnification and Windows in-built Narrator to access my laptop.

Beyond a supportive team, I enjoy the approachable and open environment at Nutanix. For example, the cubicles of the leadership team are located near employees, rather than having separate cabins.

What do you wish more people understood about working with people with disabilities?

Working alongside people with disabilities can bring work ethics to a greater heights. It encourages us to think differently, opening us up to entirely different perspectives. An out-of-box approach to thinking is essential to growing and improving performance. It allows us to think about the accessibility of every product developed, which in turn allows access to customers with disabilities.

What do our Nutanix values mean to you and how have you experienced them in action?

My mentor Hari has made things easy for me. He has been adaptive towards my special needs during training and has shown immense patience. Hari lives our values–hungry, humble, honest, and is a great human being–with a big heart.

The entire team and leadership have been so welcoming and supportive and have laid out a smooth path for me.

Are you active in any social causes, communities or programs aligned to the broader Nutanix community?

I recently joined the People First Alliance group [a global Slack community for employees at Nutanix. The employee-led group promotes awareness, acceptance, community, and accessibility for people with diverse abilities, neurodiversity and/or mental illness.] I look forward to getting more involved in the disability awareness community.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Travelling is an important part of my life. I aim to visit all the countries in the world and have visited 16 countries so far.

I enjoy beaches, cold places, snow-tubing, high landscapes, parasailing, music, beer and wine. I also love playing chess and doing workouts, specifically TRX and resistance bands.


Karthik and his niece in Sri Lanka

Karthik and his niece in Sri Lanka

Karthik and a friend visit Death Valley

Karthik and a friend visit Death Valley


What advice can you offer someone who wants to work at Nutanix?

Nutanix is an ideal place for a work-life balance and allows you to grow along with the company.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

The Customer Success team and the overall Sales department have been extremely supportive. They made my onboarding process very smooth, and continue to provide me mentorship throughout my time at Nutanix.


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