Employees support respect and compassion for dogs

April 7, 2023 | min
Stock image of dog and woman

Alicia Lopez and Jorge Galindo, are both Technical Account Managers and members of our employee-led LatinX LIFE Group (employee resource group) at Nutanix in Mexico. They both also support a cause that is for the dogs - literally. Their support helps Narices Mojades to control the number of abandoned and abused dogs in Mexico and also to find loving homes for these dogs.

“Dogs love you unconditionally. I believe that organizations like Narices Mojades deserve our support. So I decided to donate to this cause because we need, more than ever, the love of our dogs, and they deserve a chance to enjoy life with a loving family.” (Jorge Galindo)

As a thanks to Nutanix, they produced this video in hopes of our continued support to reduce the population of abused or abandoned dogs in Mexico.

Here’s some more information on the cause:

Narices Mojades’s special project, Mexicanes, began 3 years ago. Their founders, a group of  friends and family hoping to neuter and spay stray dogs in Guadalajara (México), sought to humanely tackle the population of stray dogs in Mexico, which has the largest population of stray dogs; more than 23 million dogs living on the streets. Through spay and neutering  campaigns, Narcises Mojades hopes to minimize this situation.

So far the group has spayed or neutered more than a thousand dogs, which translates into more than 363,000 dogs that won’t be born on the streets in the next 5 years (considering that each of the 1,000 would have had 3 puppies per year). The cause also donates food each month to five shelters who together have more than 800 rescued dogs. And happily, more than 1,400 have been adopted by families these last 3 years.

Little by little, Naricses Mojades was able to grow the project in scale, and last year, was a nominated cause to Benevity, the platform on which Nutnaix’s .heart program is hosted. This visibility allowed for donations from employees like Jorge and Alicia to support the important work that the Mexicanes Project continues to do.   

Alicia shared, “I support Narices Mojadas because dogs are special members of our families. All these dogs deserve a second chance to have a good home and to be loved. Knowing that Mexico has the largest number of street dogs in Latin America, with some 70 percent of the population of dogs living on the streets, are born as strays, or are abandoned. This is something that Narices Mojadas is working to change. With our help and donations, we can change the destiny of these dogs, who in exchange, give unconditional love to their new families.

Thank you for supporting a fantastic cause and sharing your “why” behind supporting the incredible work of Narices Mojades.

Thanks to Alicia, Jorge for sharing their “why” in support of Narices Mojades.

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