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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage At Nutanix

How these employees are able to bring their whole selves to work.

By Life At Nutanix

October 20, 2022 | min

This month, our LatinX LIFE group has Nutanix employees across the globe partying it up for Hispanic Heritage Month! These events are an opportunity to reflect on the rich and diverse culture of this community, as well as celebrate their contributions to society. 

We want to share the fun with you! Take a look at some of these highlights, it’s a celebration you may want to join next time:

We spoke with a few amazing employees from our LatinX community about their experiences at Nutanix, their culture, and what it means to bring their whole selves to work!

Meet Nancy Amador, a Facilities Coordinator based out of Durham, NC! Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Nancy moved to the US in 2010. Adjusting to a new culture and way of life has been a large but rewarding challenge for Nancy.

This led her to choose Nutanix because she admired our culture, including the inclusive environment we’ve continued to foster, like in our LatinX LIFE group.

“The people at Nutanix have made me feel at home since the first day. Seeing Nutanix celebrate the different cultural backgrounds convinced me that Nutanix is the place I want to work. I love the respect and empathy that we have for each other at Nutanix.”

Since joining Nutanix in 2016 as a contractor, Nancy has continued to grow her career, moving into her current full-time role as Facilities Workplace Coordinator.

“I have been growing along with the company, learning new things that allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I have always been a fan of customer service, and working as a Facilities Workplace Coordinator has allowed me to do what I love. The most enjoyable part of my job is serving and making our employees feel at home at every interaction. It keeps me motivated!”

What does it mean to Nancy to bring her whole self to work?

“Bringing my full self to work means that I feel comfortable expressing myself, my personal beliefs, problems, and ideas without worrying about being judged in my work environment.”

Nancy has continued to feel the comfort and support that originally drew her to Nutanix.

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that Nutanix enables you to do what you love, promoting creativity and having the freedom to tend to our family needs without worrying about losing our jobs. I have felt supported by Nutanix since the beginning, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity I am granted to further my professional development.”

Nancy is also passionate about cooking (she doesn’t even need recipes!), spending time with her family hosting barbecues or celebrations, and spending time in nature hiking or star gazing.

Thank you, Nancy! We appreciate the Hunger and passion you put into everything you do! 

Meet Gustavo Avalos! Based out of Mexico City, Mexico, Gustavo has been working at Nutanix since 2018 and is currently the Channel Sales Manager for all of Mexico.  

“Since the first day I came to know Nutanix, I was amazed at all the different approaches they had when making life better for everyone through technology! The way they talked to the customers, how they relate to partners, and how conscious they were of having motivated employees. It was more than a startup feeling, it really felt like family members pushing each other to be their very best and achieve their goals. And in LATAM, this was a huge opportunity to be disruptive in a market dominated by traditional and very bureaucratic brands.”

Gustavo brings his whole self to work by being able to make everyone at Nutanix shine!

“If I provide all of my talents for the purpose of making my teammates shine, the result will be even more significant for everyone involved than what we aimed for.”

Gustavo is a huge Formula 1 fan and the owner of two adorable Corgis. Another fun fact about Gustavo is that he loves helping others achieve their best as individuals, and he’s even a holistic life coach! He’s collaborated on online shows, created podcasts, and created a YouTube channel to help others be conscious of how vital their everyday actions are for themselves and everyone around them. 

We’re so lucky to have an empathetic and supportive leader like Gustavo on our team! 

Meet Tino Miranda! A Facilities Supervisor here at Nutanix based out of San Jose, CA. As a Mexican American born and raised in San Francisco, California along with his mother and 3 older sisters, Tino takes a lot of pride in his heritage.

“We all take pride in being San Francisco natives and Mexican Americans. My mother's parents are both of Mexican descent and my father is from Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico.”

Tino chose Nutanix about 4 years ago starting as a Shipping and Receiving Manager (“Time sure flies by when you’re having fun!”), after researching the reviews from former employees and listening to friends that worked within the industry.

“It was “The Great Culture” that really caught my attention. I was torn between 3 companies during my application process. The interview process with Nutanix provided reassurance that I was making the right decision. I was humbled and blessed by the opportunity.”

Tino has also come to love all the wonderful perks and benefits that come with working at Nutanix. 

“Another plus is the wonderful perks that come along with working at Nutanix such as the amazing food, snacks, diversity, and wonderful events. Nutanix also provides the tools that enable me to enhance my skills, and I have the freedom from management to showcase my strengths.”

We asked Tino what it means to bring his whole self to work. 

“Knowing I can come into a safe environment every day, where I can be myself around leadership and my team pushes me to go the extra mile. I’m not afraid of making mistakes here, and I know I have a solid team I can count on.”

Some of Tino’s favorite things include spending time with his family at dance competitions as a “Dance Dad” to his daughters. He also loves animals, sports (“Very passionate about my Giants and 49ers”), and music. He was even a former musician, playing Latin percussion for multiple Salsa bands! 

We’re so grateful you chose us, Tino!

Meet Victor Gomez! A Sales Support Shared Services Manager here at Nutanix based out of Mexico City, Mexico. 

What made Victor choose Nutanix?

“Honestly, I have never been a part of a company that makes sure their employees are well taken care of and that provides so many great benefits such as Grokker, .heart, life groups, etc., and of course, the core values that are aligned to mine.”

These benefits and values also allow Victor to bring his full self to work daily.

“Knowing Nutanix is a safe environment where I can be myself around my team and leadership. This allows me to go the extra mile.”

With National Coming Out Day also in October, Victor recalls the relief that can come from having the ability to be your authentic self, wherever you are.

"I first accepted myself when I was 17 years old, but I didn’t officially come out until I was 19. Coming out was liberating, and although I had lost one of my best friends and I had to cut all contact with my dad, I was finally able to breathe, and I was not lying to anyone anymore, especially to myself."

In Victor’s free time, he loves to dance, loves Harry Potter, and enjoys traveling to the beach and mountains! 

Thank you, Victor, for bringing your authenticity and positivity to work every day!

Although Hispanic Heritage is coming to an end, we will continue to give a platform to and learn from our LatinX employee community year-round! To learn more about our team, culture, and career opportunities at Nutanix, visit our careers page.

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