GigaOm Names Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) a Cloud Management Platform Leader

By Mayank Gupta, Director of Product Marketing, and Anindo Sengupta, VP of Product Management

November 14, 2023 | min

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud management, it’s crucial for enterprises to stay informed about the latest advancements and key players to optimize their operations and enhance efficiency. GigaOm's Radar for Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) report provides a comprehensive view of the industry's top performers, offering valuable insights into the solutions that are setting the benchmark for cloud management.

This report, coupled with the recognition given to the Nutanix Cloud ManagerTM (NCM) platform, highlights the importance of informed decision-making when choosing a cloud management platform.

Gigaom Radar Report Leader Badge

Fig 1. Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) a Cloud Management Platforms Leader

GigaOm's Radar for Cloud Management Platforms

GigaOm has established itself as a trusted source for unbiased, data-driven analysis of technology solutions. Their Radar reports offer a structured and in-depth evaluation of different technology domains, and the Cloud Management Platforms report is no exception. In this report, GigaOm meticulously assesses cloud management solutions, highlighting their strengths and empowering organizations in making informed decisions.

The report's recognition carries weight, as it goes beyond mere conjecture or marketing claims. It examines several critical aspects of a cloud management platform, providing an extensive analysis of functionality, integration capabilities, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM): Setting New Standards

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) has earned its ‘Leader’ position in GigaOm's Radar for Cloud Management Platforms, and the report provides a concise overview of NCM's capabilities. Among the vendors on the radar, the leaders are recognized for better execution and delivering value to end customers.

GigaOm’s report underlines NCM's multifaceted approach to cloud management, emphasizing four key pillars: Intelligent Ops, Self-Service, Cost Governance, and Security Central.

 Fig 2: GigaOm Cloud Management Radar 2023

 Fig 2: GigaOm Cloud Management Radar 2023

Nutanix stands out as one of the most Innovative players in this Radar. In GigaOM’s assessment, NCM's strengths include Platform capabilities supporting a wide range of cloud management use cases and offering extensive integrations with the cloud management ecosystem players.

Across the Key Criteria that GigaOM used to assess all CMP’s, Nutanix capabilities were Exceptional for Cost Governance and Integrations and Good for Automation, Resource, and Cross-Platform management. NCM was also rated as Outstanding for Ease of Use and focus on Emerging Area of SecOps

According to the report, NCM stands out with its "low-code automation and its "VM-centric capacity forecasting and planning leveraging AI/ML." This recognition underscores NCM's advanced capabilities in delivering intelligent operations that enable efficient, proactive, and data-driven management of IT resources.

The report acknowledges NCM's self-service capabilities, which enable users to build a cloud with easy, on-demand access to a catalog of services via a single click. NCM's focus on ease of use and flexibility empowers organizations to streamline their operations, from application provisioning to governance.

Furthermore, NCM's commitment to financial accountability and cost governance is highlighted, with features that enable organizations to maintain a clear view of their cloud expenses, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring budget compliance. They also call out our Cost metering feature with its TCO model that helps users compute the true cost of running a private cloud, including hardware, software, power and cooling, and data center infrastructure—all calculated based on configurable industry standards.

The report emphasizes NCM's role in security management, featuring "security audits, compliance, remediation, and asset inventory." NCM's comprehensive approach to security guarantees that organizations can uphold a secure and compliant posture across their cloud environments. GigaOm also calls out NCM’s multicloud governance service for the AWS®, Azure®, and GCP® public clouds, the Nutanix Private Cloud™ solution, and VMware ESXi™ virtualization.

Why This Recognition Matters

The recognition of NCM in the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Management Platforms is significant for multiple reasons. It not only reaffirms the dedication of Nutanix to providing a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for cloud management but also highlights the company as a trusted source in the industry, offering an objective evaluation of NCM's capabilities and its contribution to cloud management.

In the words of GigaOm, NCM is described as a platform that "provides a range of cloud management capabilities for different use cases" and "is a good fit for enterprises with a large on-premises deployment." These insights serve as an independent validation of NCM's ability to address the multifaceted needs of enterprises and underline its effectiveness in a variety of real-world scenarios.

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