Diversity and Inclusion at Nutanix: Where we’ve been, where we’re headed

By Mary Emerton, Vice President, Talent Acquisition
and Corporate Social Responsibility

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
(Lao Tzu)

I love how Gallup views diversity and inclusion: “Diversity is about who you hire. Inclusion is about the respect and acceptance people feel.” Both are necessary to create a workplace where people are free to share the ideas that ultimately lead to the most effective kind of innovation, born of multiple perspectives and experiences.

As our fiscal year comes to a close and I reflect upon our Diversity & Inclusion journey here at Nutanix, I can attest that we have fully embraced some of my favorite Nutanix Culture Principles:  #ThinkBigStartSmall, #BiasforAction, and #BelieveinStriving. While we move ahead in making Nutanix a fantastic place to work for all of our employees, I know simultaneously that we still have a long way to go on our journey; in fact, this will be an ongoing journey with new learnings around every corner.  

This past year has been our opportunity to take our first steps in becoming both more diverse and more inclusive. We established LIFE Groups that celebrate the diverse people that make up our global community, from honoring veterans, to celebrating Black history and culture, the LGBTQ+ Pride movement, and Latinx heritage. We supported our local communities through a variety of outreach events, including being a proud sponsor of Girls in Tech and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, had the privilege to host sessions with the LGBT Youth Space of Silicon Valley, and were overjoyed to support the Home of HOPE in their mission of providing resources to underprivileged and disabled children. We increased channels of communication to our internal and external communities, as well as establishing a dedicated Diversity Sourcing Team tasked with sourcing through non-traditional avenues. Yet, with all of that forward momentum, we know we’ve only just begun.

As we move on, we’re excited to take some new steps in the right direction starting with:

  • Diversity Councils: We will be implementing an Employee Diversity Council and an Executive Diversity Council that will provide an opportunity for both employees and executives to shape the strategy and next steps taken in terms of Diversity & Inclusion at Nutanix.
  • Inclusive Hiring: We will carefully consider a diverse candidate pool when filling positions. 
  • Training: Just as society continues to evolve in its awareness around issues of diversity and inclusion, our training practices continue to evolve as well. Nutanix will roll out Unconscious Bias Training, and will identify additional areas of opportunity through a D&I Training Roadmap. 
  • Communication: Nutanix will be publishing a Corporate Social Responsibility Report and regular blogs throughout the fiscal year reporting on our progress in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.

I am thrilled with the progress made in the past 12 months and am honored to be part of the journey as we move forward. Thank you to all of the employees at Nutanix who are showing their Bias for Action to be an integral part of the process—within our company, within our community, and throughout the world. We truly are all in this together!

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