Beyond Ransom & Recovery: Defend Your Data Proactively with Nutanix Data Lens

By Sneha Chaturvedula, Tuhina Goel

October 4, 2023 | min

Unstructured Data Under Siege

In today’s digital age, data is the lifeline of businesses. It drives decision-making, influences strategies, and unveils market insights that can propel any organization ahead of its competitors. However, much of this data is unstructured, creating challenges with data visibility, and making it more vulnerable to cyber attacks and insider threats. 

The complexity of defending unstructured data from ransomware is a key obstacle hampering an organization's security posture. Protecting only the endpoints and employing network-centric tools, and device authentication is no longer sufficient. For organizations, it's imperative to deploy a holistic approach to data security, ensuring that the very essence of their business—its data—is safeguarded from these evolving threats. 

Starting with Storage: Laying The Foundation for Robust Data Security

To protect against ransomware and other malicious threats, IT and Security leaders should look beyond endpoints. To achieve true ransomware resiliency, an organization needs to be able to detect attacks from within the data layer, block the activity, determine the scope of the affected systems, and recover quickly. 

The Nutanix Data Lens™ SaaS-based data security solution helps proactively assess and mitigate unstructured data security risks by identifying anomalous activity, auditing user behavior, and adhering to monitoring requirements - all at the primary storage layer, where your data is stored. Additionally, global data visibility across clouds helps with intelligent decision-making and lifecycle management of unstructured data stored on the Nutanix Unified Storage™ (NUS) platform

The latest release packs powerful features for cyber resilience, permissions visualization, risk scoring, and support for the  Nutanix Objects Storage™ product

What’s New Today?

  • Threat Containment Window:  Proactively detect and block a threat, defend from further damage and get alerted to begin a One-Click Recovery process within 20 minutes of exposure. Don’t just take our word for it, read this report to see how Data Lens delivers on the promise. 
  • One-Click Recovery: Seamlessly recover from the last good snapshot available and restore your data and operations swiftly.
  • Permissions and Risk Visualization: Identify the root cause of access control risks and monitor the risk score to track vulnerabilities within your data and user groups.
  • Objects support: Nutanix Data Lens has increased its coverage to include Nutanix Objects Storage, enabling customers to effortlessly access S3-available data, providing an intelligent understanding and forensic capabilities similar to those available for the Nutanix Files Storage™ product today. 

1. Preemptively Detect and Block Attacks 

Strengthening your ransomware resilience posture extends far beyond backup and recovery solutions.  Data Lens enables you to focus on protecting data against malicious attacks and building inherent cyber resilience. Active defense ensures a more robust protection against potential threats. Nutanix Data Lens uses signature-based detection techniques paired with behavioral pattern detection, such as client IP, user account details, file activity, and other behavioral detection markers, to provide security and visibility against sophisticated threats. Real-time detection and alerts can help to minimize the exposure window for active threats and reduce time back to normal business operations.

Preemptively Detect and Block Attacks

2. One-Click Recovery

Native immutability protects backups in case of a ransomware event or other malicious attack. Once an attack has been neutralized and contained, Nutanix Data Lens aids with easy and guided recovery. With this latest release, users will be prompted to recover from the last good snapshot to avoid corrupt data and minimize disruption to maintain business continuity.

Here's what one of our top data protection partners has to say:

As leaders in the data protection space, HYCU is focused on protecting our customer’s data and returning them to normal operations as soon as possible in the event of a worst case scenario. We are excited to collaborate with partners like Nutanix that have a shared goal in protecting our customer’s data and minimizing the impact from insidious attacks like Ransomware to simple human error. A layered data protection approach that utilizes the ransomware resiliency built into the Nutanix Cloud Platform helps to identify threats quickly and respond by blocking further damage. This translates to a powerful way to recover impacted data in minimal time and confidently. As part of a Nutanix Validated Design, we provide an important line of defense against data loss, and provide our customers with a modern data architecture to host their most important workloads and data.

Subbaiah Sundaram
Senior VP of Products, HYCU

3. Permissions and Risk Visualization

Nutanix Data Lens eliminates uncertainty surrounding weak links within your unstructured data with its intuitive permissions visualization and risk-scoring capabilities.  By granting access to the complete history of permission change events, Nutanix Data Lens simplifies the comprehension of complex permission structures, enabling users to monitor and analyze permissions-related activities with high granularity. Administrators have the flexibility to conduct in-depth analyses on current access control settings, whether it's at the share and directory levels or delving deeper into user and group permissions.

This latest release of Nutanix Data Lens introduces a highly configurable risk score that allows organizations to define and categorize specific risk factors that align with their risk profiles.  Administrators can monitor the risk score between shares and folders to identify risk trends over time, compare risk scores between shares and folders,  and identify the root cause of vulnerabilities in their unstructured data. Overall, the ability to quantitatively visualize sources of risk helps to proactively mitigate data vulnerabilities by reevaluating user permissions and strengthening data security.

Permissions and Risk Visualization

4. Support for NUS Objects Storage

Customers with modern applications using object storage will now have the same intelligence and forensics available across both the Files Storage and Objects Storage of the NUS platform. With this release, Nutanix Data Lens extends the auditing and forensics capabilities to Nutanix Objects Storage for sensitive or regulated data. This further simplifies customers’ path to integrated data management across clouds.

Nutanix Data Lens now provides a range of essential features, including data lifecycle management, auditing, and reporting features for Nutanix Objects Storage.  These capabilities empower users to assess utilization data to foster informed decisions for primary storage optimization through effective tiering strategies. The extension of visibility and automated reporting to encompass all unstructured data stored on NUS allows administrators to proactively mitigate risks, safeguarding critical data assets across both files and object stores.

Support for NUS Objects Storage

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