Announcing the General Availability of Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes 

Application-aware data services for cloud-native apps simplifies platform engineering

By Aaron Delp, Cloud Native Marketing and Patrick Campbell, Senior Strategic Technical Marketing Engineer

March 19, 2024 | min

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK). NDK extends Nutanix Cloud Platform infrastructure capabilities to application-centric data services for containerized workloads. With NDK 1.0, platform engineers can make it incredibly easy for developers to build and run containerized workloads without scrambling for storage management resources. 

As an integrated, optional part of our unique hybrid multicloud operating model, NDK empowers organizations to run modern containerized apps at scale with enterprise-class data services for high-efficiency operations and developer self-service.

As our customers continue developing and deploying modern apps, they need to give their developers tools that are easy to use and as efficient as possible. NDK is designed to do exactly that.

Ketan Shah,
Vice President of Product Management at Nutanix

Today, it’s imperative for IT leaders to enable rapid design and delivery of stateful application architectures with attached storage that meets vital disaster recovery and data governance mandates. NDK drives the delivery of application-centric data services to meet these critical requirements. 

NDK is a game-changer. Organizations today want to manage persistent data from both VMs and containerized apps. But they’re required to straddle both worlds by creating two separate environments.

What’s great about Nutanix Cloud Platform with NDK is that it lets you manage, control and operate the disparate worlds of VMs and containerized apps as a single entity from one unified platform.

Digital initiatives now include cloud-native workloads that function as mission-critical apps in production. In other words, creating digital value stitched onto an aging infrastructure will not give you the best value in today’s competitive environment.

Instead, microservices architectures are required to help organizations survive digital disruption and are becoming more common. These new architectures co-exist and sometimes replace legacy workloads and in many cases must run in production on-premises and are part of a hybrid multicloud initiative. Nutanix is able to excel in this scenario by employing an operating model that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes diagram

Modern apps running across more complex environments must stay up and running. A single component failure can cause massive disruption to business and the bottom line. Apps must be tagged and managed with specific policies determined by the organization.

Running apps like these as containerized workloads using NDK app-aware data services solves this issue with built-in support for Nutanix snapshots and disaster recovery processes as part of the platform. The consolidation of cloud-native features on one platform empowers many of the world’s largest enterprises to accelerate digital innovation. 

Using NDK, IT administrators have a complete view of all the components each application is running and the clusters on which it is running. This collectively frees up developer and platform engineering time.

Developers and DevOps teams concentrate more on the business logic they introduce than the underlying infrastructure. With better agility in the underlying infrastructure, they can respond quickly to new digital services rather than focus on how the associated resources withstand threats to the environment.

This complements traditional capacity management and optimization required as apps scale to meet new demand. Developers and DevOps wanted to respond to that demand in the first place, and with NDK, they have the ability to survive an expansion of demand for the introduced digital services.

It’s one thing to provide agile new functionality and quite another to grow smoothly and scale without running into setbacks and headaches due to a lack of foresight. Nutanix NDK makes this process easier by helping anticipate requirements today and down the road.

For more information, please visit the Nutanix NDK page for more info.

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