Nutanix VDI Per Desktop & Assurance

Nutanix Unveils the Industry’s Most Comprehensive VDI Solution

Nutanix offers the industry’s only VDI solution to eliminate the risk of incorrect infrastructure sizing for desktop virtualization projects. Under the VDI Assurance program, Nutanix ensures that your virtual desktops always get the compute (virtual CPU and memory) and storage (performance and capacity) resources they need to meet end user VDI expectations. .

IT managers can now simply determine the type and number of VDI users in their environment and transfer the risk of sizing infrastructure requirements to Nutanix with VDI Assurance. This program simplifies virtual desktop projects by enabling VDI purchases based on their end-users needs, and eliminating the guesswork associated with sizing traditional datacenter infrastructure.

If the Nutanix configuration covered by VDI Assurance is unable to deliver the server and storage resources necessary to deliver virtual desktops, Nutanix will remedy the situation at no extra cost. This gives IT managers unprecedented, 100 percent predictability in performance and costs.


VDI in 3 Simple Steps


VDI Assurance Diagram

Proven Results with VDI