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.NEXT brought together visionaries, developers, and IT leaders from around the globe to share the latest in enterprise data center and cloud technologies. Missed out on joining us live? This is your one-stop source for information, education, and inspiration on the latest IT technologies and trends presented at this year’s conference —including hyperconvergence, hybrid clouds, DevOps, automation, security, and more.


Nutanix-Azure Announcement

Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix CEO and Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group discuss the exciting new hybrid cloud partnership between Nutanix and Microsoft Azure.

Run Better

Join Nutanix executives to hear all about the latest enhancements to Nutanix's core HCI software.

Run Faster

Hear about Nutanix's latest Platform-as-a-Service offering which accelerates the development and deployment of microservices-based apps across any cloud.

Run Anywhere

Learn how Nutanix has evolved to create the ideal hybrid cloud infrastructure for the multicloud era.

.NEXT Keynote Special Guest - Luvvie Ajayi

Hear pearls of wisdom from this sought-after speaker, host, and correspondent, Luvvie Ajayi, who is committed to using her voice for pop culture critique and gender and racial justice.

.NEXT Keynote Special Guest - Zach Woods

Join this exclusive conversation with Zack Woods about how his journey lead him to where he is today, childhood talents, and his exciting current projects!

Session Tracks

Browse through breakout sessions, customer spotlights, product demos and more!


Take the complexity out of your daily operations with one-click automation.


Run your applications, cloud, and workloads on the industry's leading hyperconverged platform.


Accelerate hybrid and multi-cloud adoption with a single cloud platform to manage your apps and data anywhere.

Get to know a simpler approach to data storage and take the pain out of storage management.

Find out how to unlock the full potential of your data while streamlining database management.

Keep your business up and running and your data protected no matter what.

Stay several steps ahead of cyberattackers with always-on security and a security-first design.

Learn how to give your end users a consistent, reliable experience on any device and from any location.

Fast-track your digital transformation with Nutanix's cloud native solutions.

Drive successful business outcomes across industries with Nutanix solutions.

Stay Informed on Key Announcements with theCUBE

Who wouldn't want better business outcomes, better customer experience, and company growth? Check out theCUBE interview with Monica Kumar, SVP Marketing, Nutanix and Virginia Gambale, Former Wall Street CIO, Investor and Public Board Director, where they discuss the future of work, cloud trends, and our new Nutanix-Azure partnership.

Monica Kumar, Nutanix & Virginia Gambale, Azimuth Partners

Catch Rajiv Mirani and Tarkan Maner, CTO and CCO of Nutanix, on theCUBE as they discuss the major product announcements of the .NEXT Digital Experience 2020 and how Nutanix is enabling our customers to run any application, run anywhere.

Tarkan Maner & Rajiv Mirani, Nutanix

Nutanix is redefining what HCI means: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. Manosiz Bhattacharyya, SVP of Engineering, Nutanix discusses how this strategy gives customers continuous innovation and how it is enabling customers to run applications end to end.

Manosiz Bhattacharyya, Nutanix

Do you want to see performance gains of 20-25% for IOPS and latency? Of course you do! Greg Smith, Madhukar Kumar, and Thomas Cornely from Nutanix sat down with Stu Miniman from theCUBE to discuss the major new innovations in the Nutanix Portfolio at the .NEXT Digital Experience 2020.

Greg Smith, Madhukar Kumar & Thomas Cornely, Nutanix

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