The Definitive Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Deployment on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Running Microsoft SQL Server in a traditional IT environment has been workable, though not without challenges, for some time. But are you tired of battling siloes, inefficiencies, availability and user experience issues, and decreased capability to adjust as needed to changing business demands?

It’s time to put your SQL Server database under a microscope and see if you have the performance, flexibility, and availability you need to deploy and run your SQL environment right. This definitive guide explores a unique new approach that blends the benefits of public cloud with the control of the private cloud, while eliminating the need for painful forklift upgrades, siloed environments or extensive manual configuration to meet performance needs.

You'll learn:

  • How Enterprise Cloud solves Microsoft SQL Server challenges while preparing you for the cloud future
  • Specifics on protecting your SQL environment
  • How development and test teams can benefit from simplified infrastructure provisioning and application lifecycle management
  • The stories of companies like yours addressing traditional server-SAN infrastructure challenges with a hyperconverged infrastructure-based solution

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