Analyst Report:

Building Next-Gen Enterprise IT with Nutanix

South African Financial Services Company Gears Up for Multicloud

Building Next-Gen Enterprise IT with Nutanix

By 2018, 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to a multicloud approach in order to quickly and efficiently deliver the services and applications to keep them competitive as they capture new markets. What does this look like practically?

This IDC Spotlight takes you on the journey of a South African Financial Services Company moving from an inflexible, hardware-centric platform to a modern multicloud. Their requirements? A platform that ultimately provided simplicity, drove cost savings through a reduced storage and server footprint, and provided a cloud-ready on-premise infrastructure.

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  • Consolidated IT environment components and functions
  • Reduced their number of 3rd party vendors
  • Simplified operations
  • Saved millions in costs
  • Set themselves up for multicloud success

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