DevOps Demystified

How to achieve continuous innovation at scale

Nearly every developer and IT Ops admin has lived through the nightmare of a botched release of buggy software that caused a cascade of negative effects, such as downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputation. These disasters were often the result of siloed teams working at cross purposes thanks to poor communication, badly understood requirements, and grossly inefficient workflows. You may have heard that DevOps is an antidote to these perennial problems, but your research has left you wondering what this methodology looks like in action.

DevOps Demystified is here to clear things up. This real-world focused, easy to understand ebook will help you quickly grasp the essence of DevOps, which is the process of removing friction between the developer and customer. The payoff is better quality products, faster time to market, and a vital competitive edge.

Download this ebook to learn about

  • Shipping multiple updates a day with no downtime or disruption
  • Decreasing time to market while increasing product stability and quality.
  • Using a cloud-smart approach to run your workloads on the optimal infrastructure
  • Reacting quickly as business needs change

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