Cloud Usage Report 2019

Key trends & metrics on AWS & Azure cloud usage & spending patterns across industry segments 

Businesses have increasingly been adopting a multi-cloud approach for their IT infrastructure with applications and workloads running in both public and private cloud environments. The increased adoption of public clouds has primarily been driven by the ease of deployment of resources in public clouds.

It’s well documented that enterprises are leading the charge in terms of adopting cloud services. And it's no secret that AWS remains the dominant public cloud. But how is this landscape evolving over time? Are you aware that Azure is making huge strides in growing their user base? What about the growth of hybrid environments and the impact of new services in the cloud? Good thing for you, Nutanix is in the loop.

We took an in-depth look at cloud usage in the calendar year 2018 and analyzed cloud spending patterns in AWS and Azure public clouds. We’ve compiled a detailed report that provides several actionable insights gathered from the data. The report takes an in-depth look at cloud usage across a breadth of industries and analyzes the cloud spending patterns across AWS and Azure clouds. Ultimately, the goal of this asset is to help you better plan your cloud journey.

Some of the key insights uncovered:

Cloud Maturity

Cloud Maturity: Organizations are increasingly adopting more cloud services. Almost all companies operating in the cloud consume at least 10 or more cloud services. Enterprises have the highest level of cloud maturity with most of them consuming more than 30 different cloud services. Users typically start with IaaS service consumption (including compute, networking and storage) in the cloud and broaden their usage to PaaS services as they mature in terms of their cloud usage.

AWS vs Azure cloud spend

AWS vs Azure cloud spend: While AWS remains dominant, companies are adopting Azure at a much faster rate across the board. Average AWS cloud spend per AWS customer is at least twice as much as the average Azure cloud spend per Azure customer. However, by the end of 2018, Azure is growing at nearly three times the rate of AWS. This trend was observed across all market segments with the highest spend growth rate seem among Enterprises.

Cloud spend trends

Cloud spend trends: As it relates to spend by vertical, the tech vertical is the biggest spender the cloud. However, the fastest growth was seen amongst the finance vertical where the cloud spend grew by more than 200%. As for cost saving trends, the report discusses how rightsizing VMs, datastores and deletion of old snapshots can yield 10-15% in cloud cost savings.

Emerging Services

Emerging Services: Cloud services for AI/ML, IoT and Blockchain are starting to gain huge traction. IoT services spend increased by over 600% in 2018 with the highest adoption amongst SMBs. The report also illustrates the elevated container adoption within enterprises.

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