The Business Case for Hyperconvergence

Why hyperconvergence is gaining momentum

The Business Case for Hyperconvergence

Heady growth forecasts and exploding revenues leave no doubt that accelerating adoption of cloud services is reshaping the enterprise computing landscape. Yet even as Australian companies embrace the possibilities of cloud platforms, many are weighing up their operational requirements and concluding that true enterprise-grade robustness still requires something more than cloud can offer.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is rapidly becoming that something. By heavily leveraging software-based services that are tightly linked with scalable infrastructure, hyperconvergence allows organisations to combine the flexibility of cloud architectures with the bulletproof reliability and performance of on-premises infrastructure.

"Once you get past 1000 servers and you’re running at a high utilisation rate, the economics quickly flip on you and they don’t make sense" - Quinton Anderson, head of engineering and platforms, Commonwealth Bank

In this report, you will find more about:

  • Case studies and interviews from Metro North Health and Hyundai on why they chose HCI
  • Business reasons why companies are adopting HCI rather than going 'all in cloud'
  • How HCI delivers a cloud-like experience in your data centre

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