Gartner Report:

Use HCI to Free Staff for Public Cloud Management

2018 IDC Retail Innovation Survey

Among concerns for I&O leaders is employee retention. How can organizations keep workers engaged and innovating? And as industry discussions of reskilling or turning IT specialists into generalists continue, how can IT leaders actually make that happen?

This Gartner report—complete with a real-world case study—shares how leaders can leverage hyperconverged infrastructure to “reassign staff from on-premises infrastructure management to a cloud center of excellence”, and create programs to reward and retain employees with unique, in-demand skill sets.

In this report you’ll find:

  • The top reasons companies choose to adopt HCI
  • Tips for planning a “Cloud Center of Excellence” in your own IT organization
  • Techniques for reskilling, rewarding, and retaining employees
  • The story of a healthcare organization tasked with driving high availability in its IT environment—without additional resources

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