Datacenter Transformation: From Infrastructure Silos to Multicloud

Strategic guide for optimizing cloud consumption by effectively purchasing AWS Reserved Instances

Datacenter Transformation: From Infrastructure Silos to Multicloud

Traditional infrastructure—the core of operations for many organizations— is still too complex, operational expenses are too high, cloud integration is lacking, and it’s difficult or impossible to move applications from one cloud to another. Today’s datacenter needs to be software-defined, hyperconverged, easy to manage, easy to automate, and designed for self-service to truly support digital transformation.

A growing number of enterprises have discovered that an enterprise cloud offering the agility of public cloud without sacrificing control over critical resources is the answer to addressing datacenter needs in the cloud era.

In this whitepaper we’ll get you acquainted with those transformation-enabling infrastructure elements and familiarize you with:

  • The forces driving this wave of datacenter evolution
  • The datacenter transformation process
  • The elements of an enterprise cloud infrastructure, and how to use it to initiate transformation projects

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