Best Practices Guide:

Best Practices for Upgrading to SQL Server 2016 and Beyond

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There are many new features and benefits that are desirable for enterprises of all sizes to take advantage of that SQL Server 2012 and older do not offer. Moreover, SQL Server 2008 & 2012 reached the end of extended support.

SQL Server is a core infrastructure component and upgrading it to a newer version is a critical task that if done correctly can provide many benefits to the organization. However, upgrading core infrastructure components like SQL Server also has associated risks and if something goes wrong there is the possibility of downtime and even data loss.

To make your upgrade as seamless as possible, consult this best practices guide first. In it, you'll find:

  • Details concerning today's changing data platform requirements
  • How to avoid SQL Server end-of-service problems
  • How upgrading to hyperconverged infrastructure is your key to simplifying server deployments
  • ...and more!

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