Tales from the Multi-Cloud Crypt

Tales from the Multi-Cloud Crypt

As Halloween approaches, it becomes clear that legacy data center environments can be scary and inefficient places with unexpected surprises that pop up at every turn. IT pros and decision makers face everything from hallowing hybrid cloud costs to insufficient infrastructure parts. These are the kinds of surprises that you never want.

What better way to start the correction process than sharing your tales and lore and learning from your peers? This webinar covers 3 key topics: Modernizing Your Datacenter, Simplifying & Scaling SAP Landscapes, and Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization. You’ll see what unexpected dangers lie in wait and the solutions it takes to stop them in their tracks.

When it comes to infrastructure, SAP, and cloud cost challenges, this webinar series has just the remedies to help you uplevel your architecture.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Make infrastructure user-friendly, resilient and scalable on-demand
  • Address cost optimization, security compliance and consumption planning across private and public clouds
  • Gain visibility, enhanced availability, and predictable performance, for your SAP deployments
  • ...and much more.

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