Navigating the Value of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategies in the Enterprise

Traditional to Next-Generation: Demystifying Hyperconvergence and Cloud


Cloud computing continues to gain adoption by enterprises as they leverage two cloud-based methodologies as part of their overall cloud strategy. The two methodologies are hybrid and multi-cloud. While some have confused the two as one and the same, they are very different in terms of their approach and ultimately, their value to the enterprise.

How do these methodologies differ and how should enterprises think about each when considering their overall cloud-based strategy?

In this webinar, we will delve into these two methodologies to understand how they differ, the challenges that enterprises are facing with each and how enterprises are gaining value from each approach.

Join us for an insightful discussion on enterprise use of hybrid and multi-cloud.

This 1-hour webinar will give attendees insights into:

  • How one should think about hybrid versus multi-cloud
  • Whether enterprises are using one approach, the other or both
  • What is driving enterprises to use hybrid cloud
  • With considerable discussion around cloud lock-in, is multi-cloud just a form of cloud arbitrage
  • What is driving enterprises to use multi-cloud
  • How enterprises are dealing with legacy applications versus cloud-native applications with each approach
  • Where automation and orchestration tools play a role in each approach for each classification of workload

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