Nutanix Technical Support

Nutanix Technical Supports offers world-class support to meet your organization’s technology needs. We recognize the investment you have made in our products and would like to complement this with highly responsive, quality services to ensure your success.


  • Global presence with support centers in United States (East & West Coast), Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom
  • Leading technology experts consisting of VCPs, vExperts, CCIEs and Nutanix Platform Professionals with years of experience in supporting data center solutions
  • 24x7x365 support availability with four hour parts replacement for customers with mission critical applications
  • Access to the Nutanix customer portal with latest information on our products, documentation, patches, and FAQs
  • State of the art replication labs in all major geographies for quick and efficient turn around of requests

Nutanix Support Customer Quotes

“We have experienced an extremely responsive support and quick problem resolution from Nutanix. As far as the IT industry is concerned, this level of support is extremely remarkable.”

Gregory Padak,
Lead Software Configuration Manager,

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Contacting Nutanix Support

US / CANADA Phone Number
US & International 1-855-NUTANIX (688-2649), Ext. 3
Canada 888-373-7429
US Virgin Islands 855-869-3968
Brazil 0800-8920242
APAC Phone Number
Australia (0) 1-800-285-799
China 4001-205935
Hong Kong* 800-963-170
Japan (0) 800-888-0193
Korea* 00308-12-3397
Malaysia* 1-800-817-092
New Zealand (0) 800-001-379
Singapore* 800-120-6399
Thailand 001-800-1206-64213
Taiwan* 00801-13-6656
EMEA Phone Number
Belgium 3280026753
Denmark 4580820034
France 33805080626
Germany 800-723-8481
Italy 39800176848
Ireland* 1-800-556-627
Netherlands 0800-023-2716
Saudi Arabia 9668008110353
Spain 34900838624
Sweden 462-088-9217
United Kingdom 800-0885-153


* For use in-country only.

Support Tiers

We offer three types of standard support tiers.

Support Tiers Description
  • Ideal for production support workloads
  • Designed for support needs in a single geography during local business hours
  • Ideal for business critical workloads
  • Expands Gold Service with 24×7 support
Platinum Plus
  • Ideal for mission critical workloads
  • Additional features include shorter response cycles, direct access to senior engineers, and advanced analytics and root cause analysis
Support Features
Feature Gold
(Business Critical)
Platinum Plus
(Mission Critical)
Helpdesk Coverage1 8×52
Local Coverage
24×7 24×7
Target Response Times
Severity 1 2 hours (8×5) 2 hours (24×7) 1 hour (24×7)
Severity 2 4 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Severity 3 8 hours 8 hours 4 hours
Software Support
Major and minor maintenance, patch releases, & upgrades
Hardware Replacement
Duration of on-site parts replacement after diagnosis
Next business day after failure confirmation Next business day after failure confirmation 4-hour part replacement3
Maximum number of support admins per contract 4 6 Unlimited
Eligible for Technical Account Manager (TAM) program4  
Direct routing to senior level engineers    


  • [1] For non-standard timings (e.g., weekends fall on different days than Saturday and Sunday) Nutanix will establish a customized plan
  • [2] 8×5 refers to regular business hour support, 8 hours per day, 5 days a week (Local time zone)
  • [3] 4 hour replacement guarantee not available in all locations
  • [4] TAM service is an add-on program

Additional Support

  • Nutanix NRDK
    Nutanix offers a NRDK option which eliminates the need to return old or defective HDDs & SSDs.
  • Technical Account Manager Program
    Nutanix’s TAM program is an add-on service in which a dedicated resource will work with you to continually improve your Nutanix deployment.
  • Nutanix US Federal Support
    Nutanix provides access to U.S. Citizen / U.S. Soil support exclusively for U.S. Federal customers

WEEE Compliance

For questions regarding WEEE compliance, please visit