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Web-Scale Wish Cause Spotlight – The Guelph Public Library

Through the Web-Scale Wish Project, Nutanix will donate up to $500,000 of web-scale products and services to worthy non-profit organizations chosen by you, the community! The goal? To help further the missions of these organizations by backing them with the power of web-scale technology.

The next Web-Scale Wish non-profit participant that we are pleased to spotlight is The Guelph Public Library!

Mission Statement:

The Guelph Public Library benefits the entire community by providing lifelong learning opportunities.  We believe in the freedom to read, learn and discover.

Guelph Public Library Vision

  • Know us: We are on your speed dial, just like your best friend. You visit the Guelph Public Library in person or from the comfort of your home.
  • Trust us: You come to us when you need reliable information fast! You recognize the Guelph Public Library as an essential part of your daily life.

Web-Scale Wish Cause Spotlight: Hillcroft College

The right technology in the right hands has the power to change lives and organizations. This holiday season, Nutanix will give web-scale converged infrastructure to the non-profit organizations chosen by you, our community! The Web-Scale Wish Project will donate up to $500,000 of products and services to three worthy causes — one grand prize winner and two runners up, with the goal of furthering the missions of these organizations by backing them with the power of web-scale technology.

From now until the week of December 8th when the three finalists are announced and the final round of community voting begins, we will be sharing information about some of the non-profit organizations that have been nominated by passionate members of the technical community.

The first Web-Scale Wish non-profit participant that we are pleased to spotlight is Hillcroft College

Their mission statement:

Radically Simple Hypervisor Upgrades

Co-authors: Jerome Joseph, Suda Srinivasan


Many of the key product and feature decisions at Nutanix are driven by our mission to deliver uncompromising simplicity to the enterprise datacenter. NOS 4.0 release announced in May, Nutanix brought one-click automation to the non-disruptive upgrade process of the Nutanix Operating System. Automated non-disruptive NOS upgrades make the lives of IT admins easier by simplifying IT operations and enabling always-on operation. Our customers loved it and told the world about it.

In the next release of the operating system, NOS 4.1, we are going a step further and tackling another significant customer pain point — the hypervisor upgrade. Hypervisor upgrade challenges account for a sizable number of customer cases that the Nutanix support team has had to deal with. The new hypervisor upgrade feature brings the same degree of simplicity and functionality to the upgrade of the hypervisor as with the Nutanix Operating System upgrade. Moreover, this feature makes the process of upgrading hypervisors uniform across vendors.

Designing Web-Scale Datacenters Just Got Easier

Nutanix is the leading hyper-converged solution for server and desktop virtualization. Over the years, we have developed an extensive depth and breadth of internal intelligence on how to size and scope virtualized workloads, including VDI deployments and virtualized business applications. This institutional knowledge is now being made available through the free Nutanix Sizing Calculator, part of a comprehensive service delivery platform from Nutanix Global Services. The Sizing Calculator helps partners and customers size and design Nutanix clusters with both ease and confidence.

Why did Nutanix develop a sizing tool?
With the same level of simplicity and elegance that Nutanix strives to imbue in all of our products, tools, and supporting documentation, the Nutanix Global Services (GSO) team developed the Sizing Calculator in response to requests made by SEs and consultants who work for our partners, and who have often struggled with the ad-hoc Excel spreadsheet approach to sizing that is so common in our industry. This web-based sizing tool contains a sophisticated algorithm in addition to a really intuitive interface.

Nutanix Activities at Gartner Symposium / ITxpo AU

Nutanix is excited to be at the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2014 this week in Gold Coast, Australia, showcasing our technology, speaking with attendees, and demonstrating how web-scale brings ROI to the enterprise. This is the second year that Nutanix is a Platinum sponsor at the show, and we are looking forward to meeting you in person!

Don’t miss these opportunities to find out about the latest in web-scale:

  • Visit the Nutanix booth (#O6) for hands-on demos of the latest Nutanix and web-scale technologies!
  • Catch John Lounsbury, Sr. Director Systems Engineering, Nutanix APJ, as he presents the following session:Title:

    Web-Scale Brings ROI to the Enterprise
    Room D, ITxpo, 19th of Nov at 10:30 a.m. (Queensland Time, Australia)
    The benefits of web-scale infrastructure are now within reach at any scale and for all workloads. Every aspect of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, from purchase and deployment to management and scale, is made simpler. Learn about web-scale and how it enabled Langs to achieve a “96% reduction in power costs, 83% reduction in rack space, 53% lower TCO than legacy solutions.”

Thoughts on Being a Web-Scale Wish Community Judge

A guest blog post by Steve Greenberg, Thin Client Computing.

As a technology consultant, I have the opportunity to work in different customer environments all the time. I interact with interesting people, and solve unique and difficult problems, while working on the latest technologies. As cool as that is though, the best part is being able to really help people in meaningful ways. For example, we have clients that literally save lives every day through emergency medical care, blood testing and donation, surgery, research, and advanced medical delivery. It is exciting to see these systems “go live” and know that we have helped speed up the delivery of critical services, made information available in a more accurate and timely manner, and enabled medical staff to spend more time with their patients and less time on their computers.

Size and Design Your Web-Scale Datacenter with Nutanix Sizer

Do you know the best Nutanix appliance model for running your specific application workloads? Do you know how many Nutanix nodes you need for optimal capacity and performance? Do you know what the rack layout, power, and cooling requirements are for your Web-Scale data center? With Nutanix Sizer, a part of the Nutanix “Nirvana” Service Delivery Platform, there is no need to do complex math to find out.

This free, commercial-grade sizing tool allows customers, partners, and consultants to get accurate sizing information quickly for custom workloads. Using the best-practice rules and methodologies that are followed by sales and solution engineers, this tool eliminates the guesswork and complexity that can be involved in determining the best solution for your scenario.
Key features of the Nutanix Sizer include:

  • Recommendations for VDI and server virtualization workloads
  • Visual display of recommend nodes in cluster and racks

Dell XC Series Launches – and Nutanix Partners Benefit

Nutanix partners will benefit from the rising tide of web-scale mindshare as Dell launches its XC Series Web-scale Converged Appliances across the world. But solutions providers currently selling Nutanix-branded appliances through Dell are already discovering other advantages. Choice Solutions, for example, beat out an entrenched vBlock incumbent with the assistance of Dell’s existing server business and its financing capabilities.

Disruption with Dell

Nutanix’s Sr. VP of Sales, Sudheesh Nair, likes to talk about the compressing disruption cycle in our industry. Disruption used to take place over a roughly ten-year period, but now it occurs on a to a two to four year cycle.

Large companies tend to be very, very good at running marathons. They spot emerging patterns and then maintain their leadership through acquisition or internal development. Only rarely have exceptional companies such as NetApp and VMware been able to emerge through the disruptive cycles as large leaders themselves.

Adaptive vs. Inline/Always-on Deduplication

Deduplication in storage is a data reduction technique that eliminates redundant copies of bit sequences. Instead of storing multiple copies of the same chunk of data, references to a single copy are stored. The process of finding duplicates in a large address space incurs performance and resource overheads. Consequently, deduplication design involves many tradeoffs in practice.

For instance, deduplication at a fine-grained (small) chunk size improves savings because of the higher likelihood of finding duplicates, but these savings come at the expense of increasing metadata and system resources consumed.

Another consideration involves the choice between inline and post-process deduplication. Inline deduplication occurs in real-time while data is written to the system, resulting in all data being deduplicated in the storage system. “Inline & Always-on” deduplication is marketed well these days, but one must consider the full impact of this choice. Since inline deduplication occurs in the critical path of writes, it imposes a performance overhead on every write. For workloads that do not deduplicate well, an inline & always-on approach to deduplication can actually hurt rather than benefit.

The Perfect Partnership: A Q&A with Dell and Nutanix

Today at Dell World, Dell and Nutanix announced the general availability of the Dell XC Series Web-scale Converged Appliances. The new appliances are the only solution on the market that integrates a Tier 1 Dell hardware platform with the simplicity and scalability of Nutanix web-scale technology.

The GA is a big moment for both companies and we wanted to give you a personal look into how the partnership came about and what it means for Dell and Nutanix. Howard Ting, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management of Nutanix and Travis Vigil, Executive Director Product Management of Dell Storage sat down recently to discuss the partnership, and what follows is their in-depth look at both sides of this partnership.

Could you give an overview of how the partnership between Nutanix and Dell has benefited each company?