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Choice Solutions Uses Nutanix to Mitigate Infrastructure Obstacles & Datacenter Politics

Choice Solutions has long been adept at getting in on the ground floor of disruptive technologies. Choice became partners with Citrix in 1993 and has been a Platinum Partner since 1997. Choice also engaged with VMware in 2001 with ESX 1.0 and became one of first VMware VIP enterprise partners worldwide. The company has flourished over the decades and now does business in nine states, primarily in the central U.S., but also has an office in South Florida. Choice signed up as a Nutanix partner in the past year, and is finding that the solution simplifies doing business.

“I can’t emphasize how much time we spend dealing with infrastructure and storage issues unrelated to our core competencies of virtualization, application delivery and security,” said Jim Steinlage, President and CEO of Choice. “Infrastructure problems quite simply prevent us from doing our job. Nutanix eliminates a lot of that and allows us to have the applications up and running much more timely and with more predictable results. And Nutanix enables us to achieve our goal of providing users with a better experience than their physical desktop from day one.”

NOS 4.0 Cluster Health – Preemptive Disk Failure Alerting for the ROBO

Prior to 4.0 Nutanix would track disk errors and eventually mark the drive offline and rebuild the data if the drive was failing. Cluster Health allows the end user to get insight into whats going on before the drive is marked offline. 2 out of the 55 Cluster Health tests help in showing a disk that is gradually failing.

Stargate Disk Corruption Level
Checks that the number of disk corruption related errors in the last log_collection_duration secs is more than disk_corruptions_threshold.

Stargate Disk Operations
Checks the number of Stargate disk error operations in the last log_collection_duration secs is more than disk_read_write_errors_threshold.

In most cases you should plan on replacing the drive shortly. Since Nutanix can quickly heal it’s self and then keep losing additional drives it has made it a great use case for remote sites where it may be hard to get people on site. If you can see that the drive is failing you can bring the extra drives on your scheduled trip if you have enough capacity remaining on the cluster, instead of making a special trip.

NOS 4.0 Cluster Health – Slices & Dices

It slices and it dices! Nutanix Cluster Health is a new feature that will be another great asset in maintaining availability for your Tier 1 workloads. Cluster Health allows the ability to monitor and visually see the overall health of cluster nodes, VMs and disks from a variety of different views. With the ability to set different HA requirements at the application level, Cluster Health will visually dissect what’s important and give you guidance on how to take corrective action.

NOS 4.0 - Cluster Health

Multiple views to meet your needs

Once inside the Cluster Health section in Prism you have access to over 55 tests and doesn’t require any additional setup other than upgrading to 4.0.

Nutanix OS 4.0 Brings Web-scale Infrastructure to the Enterprise

It’s an exciting day for Nutanix, one that marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to disrupt the traditional enterprise IT market. Today, we announced the fourth major release of the Nutanix Operating System, the intelligent software powering the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Nutanix OS 4.0, or NOS 4.0 for short, is packed with new capabilities and significant enhancements to existing functionality that together make the platform faster, more resilient, and significantly easier to manage and operate. You can read more about the innovations in this release HERE. In the coming weeks, we will have blog posts that cover new NOS 4.0 capabilities in great technical depth.

Nutanix Now – Recap of our First Partner Conference

“The most exciting aspect about Nutanix has to be their passion and enthusiasm. Their approach is refreshing, compelling and as an organization, they’re willing to listen.” Kevin Kaiser – CDW

After representing six different channel partner businesses at countless partner conferences during my 25 years in the channel, it was a bit surreal being on the other side of the fence at our first partner conference last week. But it was great fun to see the ubiquitous excitement and enthusiasm among our partners for the web-scale revolution Nutanix is bringing to the enterprise datacenter.


“The energy from the Nutanix team was contagious and exciting as they grow a company with a truly game changing technology.” Kent Christensen – Datalink

They’re getting fired up about Nutanix

When you take the emotion out of buying, Nutanix emerges as the logical first choice

As you may have read recently, one of Nutanix’s premier partners won a prestigious contract to replace the data centre infrastructure for a well-known global telecoms analyst.

The media has reported how RJM Technology scooped the competition to be the trusted advisor and supplier of technology to Analysys Mason at its data centre in Manchester. Analysys Mason is a telecoms, media and technology consultancy with offices in EMEA, North and South America and Asia Pacific. So, it will need a flexible and scalable foundation to underpin its global expansion.

By the nature of the industries it specialises in, I think we can safely assume it knows this market well, too! Therefore, it’s a massive vote of confidence in our technology and philosophy that Analysys Mason chose Nutanix to underpin its data strategy, ahead of some much bigger and better established brands.

Nutanix Controller Failure. Will Users Notice?

Reliability and resiliency is a key, if not the most important piece, to the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). Being a distributed system NDFS is built to handle component, service and controller (CVM) failures.

Reliability is the probability of an item operating for a certain amount of time without failure. As such, the reliability function is a function of time, in that every reliability value has an associated time value.” – Reliability Hotwire

Resiliency is the ability to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.” – wikipedia.com

The Nutanix cluster automatically selects the optimal path between a hypervizor host and a guest VM data. This is known as automatic path direction, or Autopath.

How Nutanix Interacts with the Management Layer

Web-scale architectures are rapidly making their way into the core of enterprise datacenters. This shift is being driven by Nutanix. One of the keys to web-scale is the idea of a shared-nothing architecture. This means that there can be no single point of failure, no bottlenecks anywhere in the system, and scalability with no fixed limits.

One thing Nutanix engineers realized early on is that adherence to these rules demands that our Nutanix Operating System (NOS) not rely on external components – including management consoles such as vCenter. This was a significant decision given vCenter’s central role in the majority of virtualized datacenters. Make no mistake, we expect our customers to use vCenter to manage their VMware clusters on Nutanix. We just made sure that vCenter works seamlessly with NOS, while not being dependent upon it.

Understanding Web-Scale Properties

Last week Gartner released an article saying that by 2017, Web-scale IT will be an architectural approach found operating in 50 percent of global enterprises.

Gartner Says By 2017 Web-Scale IT Will Be an Architectural Approach Found Operating in 50 Percent of Global Enterprises

Web-scale IT is more than just a buzzword, it is the way datacenters and software architectures are designed to incorporate multi-dimensional concepts such as scalability, consistency, tolerance, versioning etc.

Web-scale describes the tendency of modern architectures to grow at (far-)greater-than-linear rates. Systems that claim to be Web-scale are able to handle rapid growth efficiently and not have bottlenecks that require re-architecting at critical moments

Web-scale architecture and properties is not something new and have been systematically used by large web companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. The major difference is that now these same technology that allowed those companies to scale to massive compute environments are being introduced into mainstream enterprises, with purpose-built virtualization properties.

Introducing Nutanix Next – A Community Passionate About Reinventing Enterprise Datacenters

Today, with great excitement, we are launching a new online community – Nutanix Next.  This online community is open to anyone who is passionate about enterprise datacenters and cloud initiatives.  As a company, Nutanix has always held strong conviction about the importance of establishing and building a vibrant community.  All of the iconic enterprise technology companies of the past 30 years – including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and VMware, just to name a few – recognized early on the strategic value of community initiatives and deployed massive investments to nurture and build those programs.  While I am not aware of any studies conducted that directly correlate the success these companies achieved with their community programs, I think it’s safe to assume the community investments played a non-trivial role in their growth and longevity.