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Pay-As-You-Grow with Nutanix and VMware Horizon 6

Dwayne Lessner
Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix

As an end user of VMware End User Computing (EUC) products since 2008 when the product was called Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1, it’s been a great journey to see how VMware Horizon 6 with View has morphed into a full fledge application delivery platform. The latest version of Horizon offering the ability to deliver virtual desktops and hosted applications with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services arms businesses with the right deployment method based on use case and cost.

Today customers can take VMware’s EUC strategy and deploy with the same speed and approach of Public Cloud Providers with the security and control over SLA’s in the comfort of their own datacenters. Nutanix with the support VMware is proud to release our latest Reference Architecture on VMware Horizon 6 with View that showcases benefits of pay-as-you-grow infrastructure.

Some of the highlights include:

VCDX Study Lounge on Sunday at VMworld SF

If you are preparing for your VCDX examination, or even just interested in getting started, Nutanix invites you to come by the VCDX Study Lounge on Sunday at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. Nutanix is sponsoring an event for open discussion with existing VCDX holders to help you learn more about the program and what goes into a successful VCDX submission. 


If you are an existing VCDX holder, we encourage you to drop by as well to give back to the community and those preparing to defend, and for some good discussion and conversation with your peers.

Please RSVP via this form just so we know how many are planning on showing up. If you don’t get a chance to RSVP, you’re still welcome to stop by. Don’t worry, we won’t make you do a mock defense unless you want to!

AppSense DesktopNow validated for Nutanix

Nutanix is delighted to announce the certification of AppSense DesktopNow workloads on the Nutanix Virtual Computing platform. Adding AppSense DesktopNow to virtual desktops delivered on Nutanix infrastructure provides the perfect solution for customers seeking optimized desktops and applications.  The Nutanix platform offers excellent scalability and predictable performance at a very attractive price point. When used in conjunction with Nutanix, the AppSense DesktopNow suite delivers:

  • Seamless, personalized roaming between physical desktops, virtual desktops and hosted applications (Terminal Server/RDSH)
  • Secure, policy-defined lockdown of the user environment
  • Control of users’ admin rights, thru Windows privilege management
  • High quality user experience: fast logon, consistent, stable, fully personalized
  • A complete alternative to roaming profiles
  • Granular control of application performance to deliver an optimized experience for all user types
  • Increased user density per server of up to 60%
  • Templates for key application support requirements such as dynamic printer mapping and network connections

Nutanix establishes next phase Partner Network framework

Our partners are an integral part of our commercial ecosystem.  Like us, our partners are bold and creative, aligned to our vision of the future of datacenter infrastructure, challenging the norm and eager to go above and beyond for their customers. This approach is working.  Since shipping our first Virtual Computing Platform in 2011 – revenue growth has surpassed nearly every other datacenter infrastructure company in IT history.  Nutanix has achieved an annualized sales run rate of $200m (up from $80m in May 2013), with over 800 customers now on board and a 1,000 strong partner network.

The integrated systems market is growing 53.7% year on year, over 12 times faster than traditional IT; Nutanix Web-scale converged infrastructure provides our partners with a unique opportunity to prosper.  Showcasing the differentiation between the Nutanix offering and that of the competing ‘storage only’ products, partners can simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles and help their clients reduce both cost and risk.  Customers appreciate the  game-changing solution Nutanix partners bring to them, and consider them trusted advisors supporting them on their journey into the next generation of datacentre infrastructure.

Announcing Nutanix Cloud Connect

Today, we announced Nutanix Cloud Connect – a capability that enables native hybrid cloud architectures by seamlessly integrating public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), with Nutanix-powered private cloud environments. You can read the press release here. I wanted to dive deeper and spend a little more time around what this announcement means to you and your business.

Majority of Nutanix customers are looking at a hybrid cloud strategy for their business. Everyone agrees that there are certain workloads that will always remain within customer’s datacenters due to performance, security and compliance requirements. But specific use cases are starting to emerge where a hybrid cloud strategy seems appropriate. Using public cloud as a backup destination, as a DR site, for hosting scalable web-tiers (with back-end staying on-premises), for Dev-Test scenarios etc. are some of the scenarios that are gaining traction.

Nutanix Arrives as a Mainstream Datacenter Player

Gunnar Berger, Citrix CTO Desktop & Applications Group, tweeted yesterday in response to Nutanix’s announcement that it hit a $200M annual run rate. In his typical witty way, he lamented how quickly companies grow up.

While becoming a grown-up company is important, achieving a $200M annual run rate combined with several other events of the past 6 weeks signifies something vastly more significant – that Nutanix has arrived as a mainstream datacenter player. Consider:

  • Gartner positioned Nutanix as the furthest in the Integrated Systems Visionary Quadrant for completeness of vision.
  • Dell signed an OEM agreement with Nutanix.
  • TechTarget wrote, “…Nutanix’s entry into the converged infrastructure game brought this technology to the masses, and its products have become a very sore spot for VCE.”
  • Symantec, one of the world’s largest software companies, blogged about its NetBackup solution for Nutanix.

Why are VCDXs flocking to Nutanix?

I wrote a blog post last November titled, What is the Value of a VCDX to a VMware Ecosystem Partner?  Eight months later, and Nutanix has gone from four VCDXs to ten. That’s 7% of the 143 VCDXs worldwide. Nutanix has 25% more VCDXs than the next two highest count companies (EMC & Cisco) combined, and is second in count only to VMware.

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification is by far and away the most elite of all certifications in the IT industry. Written exams, preparation of a solution design that can run hundreds of pages, and having to defend all aspects of this design are part of the grueling certification process.

Who Knows the Most about Web-Scale IT? The Results Are In!

As you may know, we held a worldwide contest for the top score on the Web-Scale IQ Quiz from June 24th through last Friday, July 18th at 10pm PT. Hundreds of contestants competed for bragging rights on being the top expert on Web-Scale IT, plus a Geek Crate (see below), but there can be only one winner…

The rules were simple: Just take the quiz! The contestant with the best score in the shortest reasonable time wins! Note: We only counted your score the first time you took the quiz. :)

And the winner is… (drum roll):


BERT HOVING from the Netherlands!

Congratulations, Bert… according to the quiz, you are the #1 Web-Scale IT Expert in the Community! We will be following up with you via email soon with the shipping details for your Geek Crate!

How Going Web-Scale is Opening up New Opportunities

This is a guest blog by Nutanix customer, Robert Mehrer from Protected Trust.


Protected Trust is a service provider that offers a variety of services ranging from secure email and collaborations to secure private cloud offerings. Our goal is to help secure and manage the risk of digital assets and private communications for our customers. Our customers include small, midsized and enterprise businesses in healthcare, the financial services, insurance and legal as well as government entities. We offer our customers a complementary risk assessment of their Electronic Stored Data (ESD) to help them discover any vulnerabilities and the level of risk they face, to enable them to affordably mitigate it.

As operations manager, I’m responsible for facilitating and maintaining our datacenters – including maintaining the physical infrastructure as well as the design, layout and implementation of new equipment based on the requirements of our product lines. That’s how I discovered Nutanix – researching easy, plug-and-play type solutions to provide a new virtual private server infrastructure.

Nutanix and Microsoft Private Cloud: We continue our journey with Microsoft (Part 2)

Earlier this month, we published Part 1 of our journey with Hyper-V discussing the value we bring to customers deploying Hyper-V. We also discussed details around our differentiated and synergistic implementation. This article continues where we left off and discusses our most recent software release, Nutanix OS 4.0, which shipped last month. Nutanix OS 4.0 is feature rich comprising integrations with the Microsoft ecosystem including Windows, Hyper-V and Azure. Highlights include the following:

  • Native Backup with VMCaliber or VM-centric snapshots

  • Native VMCaliber Thin Replication for DR

  • VSS support for application consistent backups running on Hyper-V

  • Windows PowerShell Toolkit

  • Non-disruptive 1-Click upgrades

  • Prism Central


These features are complemented by our Reference Architecture (RA) on Azure pack and Performance tuning on Hyper-V virtual machines. All this in just 6 months after our first Hyper-V release. Nutanix is the only infrastructure vendor releasing capability at such an accelerated pace. Shown below are some of  the Microsoft-related areas where Nutanix is innovating: