Consulting Services

Cloud & IT Automation

Calm Enabled Multi-Cloud Automation


Service Tiers

Private Cloud Automation and Self-Service

Hybrid Cloud Automation and Governance

Cloud Knative Automation and Integration
Assess and Design
Calm Design Workshop      
Beam Design Workshop      
Karbon Design Workshop      
Calm Private Cloud Workflow Automation
Calm 3rd Party API Integration
Calm Hybrid Cloud Workflow Automation      
Beam Cost Governance Integration      
Calm CI/CD API Integration      
Karbon Workflow Automation      
Calm Integration with ServiceNow a la carte
Calm Integration with Flow Micro-segmentation a la carte
Operate and Scale
Cloud & IT Automation Fit-Check
a la carte
Center of Excellence Service (2-week blended team sprints) a la carte
Standard Configurations
Pro Ultimate
AD/IAM, DDI, Backup** Starter + Web App, Hybrid Cloud, Beam Pro + Karbon
Blueprints Windows, Linux base OS 3 Tier Web App (LAMP, WISA) CI/CD (Atlassian, JFrog, Jenkins)
Products Serviced
Products serviced - Cumulative

Note: *(a) All service elements are available as a la carte. ** (b) Backup integration requires vendor Nutanix API support. See offerings datasheets for supported backup integrations and other configuration details. (c) Requirements outside of the standard configurations can be accommodated as a custom service.