Purpose-Built Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Appliances for Webscale

Nutanix NX nodes are purpose-built SuperMicro appliances with configuration options for all hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) use cases. They offer a streamlined IT operations (ITOps) experience for all your workloads from day-0 through day-n.

Capabilities & Benefits

Nutanix NX appliances provide the simplest HCI solution for IT operations from initial deployment through to support and maintenance, on hardware designed for all application use cases, from high form-factor density to high performance and with a single point of contact.


Platforms are available via configure-to-order in 1U and 2U, single and multi-node configurations, with form-factors to suit standard 19” and telco racks. Incorporating the latest generation of vendor technologies, a wide range of processors, memory, storage and network options are available.

Form-Factor Density

With high form-factor density in a 2U chassis with 4-nodes, these platforms are designed for entry-level and mid-range compute and storage workload requirements.

The multi-node platforms provide density and flexibility important to Remote Office, Branch Office (ROBO) and test and development use cases.

For locations where space is at a premium, the NX-1120S has been purposely designed as a 1U, ½ rack-depth appliance to fit standard telco racks. With low power and cooling requirements, the NX-1120S meets the most stringent remote office and edge network demands.
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Platforms include: NX-1065, NX-3060, NX-1120S

Balanced Compute and Storage

Designed to provide a balance between compute and storage capabilities, these platforms offer flexible configurations with a wide range of compute, graphics processors and storage options. 

Platforms can be used for a variety of use cases including ROBO and datacenter deployments such as end-user computing (EUC), including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), server virtualization or private and hybrid cloud.

Platforms include: NX-1175S, NX-3170, NX-3155G, NX-8035

High Performance

With maximum flexibility for high performance compute and storage configurations, these platforms are ideally suited to large scale datacenter solutions featuring business-critical applications and databases, big data and analytics, and other server virtualization use cases.

Platforms include: NX-8170, NX-8155, NX-8150

NX Platform Use Cases



Nutanix NX series platforms are designed to support a variety of hyperconverged infrastructure, and private, hybrid and multicloud solutions.

Nodes within a cluster can be mixed to cater to specific use case or solution requirements:

Learn more about all Nutanix use cases and solutions here.

ESG Performance Analysis: This lab review documents the results of recent Nutanix performance analysis that focused on the real-world performance scalability and sustainability.

Simple Adoption and Deployment


  1. Configured-to-order NX nodes based on workload requirements
  2. Rack and cable infrastructure nodes
  3. Deploy Nutanix AOS software and choice of hypervisor (dependent on customer choice and geographical location)
  4. Finalize software configuration in Prism
  5. Deploy workloads

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We really enjoyed the simplicity that it [Nutanix] gives us…and today we are a 99% virtualized shop, our entire server infrastructure is on Nutanix.”

- Courtney Spence, Director of Network Operations at Loeb & Loeb

“What we see the improved performance from Nutanix has been delivered...we are now more solution orientated and give individual hardware decisions less focus. This has increased the productivity of IT”

- Michael Kunkler, System Engineer at SICK AG

Sapporo City cuts virtual desktop deployment times by 61% in selecting Nutanix for Application Virtualization to Achieve Internet Segregation.

Bandai Namco Studio powers remote branch offices with Nutanix.

Total Gas & Power turns to Nutanix for IT consolidation.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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