Reduce Risk by Rebalancing Between On-Prem and Cloud

With simple application portability from existing VMware deployments to AWS or Azure, you can quickly and easily move applications without refactoring.



Streamline and Accelerate Application Movement

We offer a secure, fast, and cost-effective path for seamlessly rebalancing workloads across public, private, managed, and hybrid multicloud environments. You can utilize existing AWS or Azure credits or satisfy cloud vendor consumption commitments via their services or Nutanix licenses purchased through their marketplaces.

No Matter Your Strategy,
We are Here to Help

Our proven approach empowers customers to constrain additional VMware investments and construct new workloads on a flexible, easy-to-use hybrid multicloud platform. With proven migration methodologies, tools and services, we simplify converting workloads from VMware environments to Nutanix in AWS and Azure.


Here are a selection of resources to help you better understand the options available to you as you work to rebalance your workloads between on-premises and the cloud.

Take a Test Drive

Test drive Nutanix Cloud Platform
across hybrid multicloud environments

Looking for Other Options?

If rebalancing between core and cloud isn’t the solution for you, we can help you diversify your VMware environment or streamline a complete migration from VMware.

Diversify Your VMware Environment

Whether you choose to run new workloads like AI apps on Nutanix, migrate existing workloads to Nutanix, including our enterprise-grade hypervisor, or leverage our platform with existing VMware licenses, you’ll streamline management, improve TCO, and move forward with confidence.

Transition from VMware

With similar solution offerings, including an enterprise-grade hypervisor, plus improved efficiency, operations, and uptime, Nutanix provides the ideal platform for core and cutting-edge workloads. We also offer migration toolkits and services to help you migrate quickly and efficiently.

Hear What Customers Are Saying

“When we did the cost analysis for going with Nutanix AHV, it was far better than VMware and the hypervisor stuff we had in the past.”

– Bob Fishtrom, Director of Information Technology Services,
Mountain View Los Altos High School District

“The fact that we could continue to use VMware alongside the Nutanix AHV hypervisor was a real bonus. Not only did it enable us to migrate existing workloads and get them working straight away, but check out AHV and use that where appropriate.”

– Dan Bloor, Head of IT Operations, SOCOTEC Group

“Nutanix has been our first step in a hybrid multicloud journey, and with Nutanix Cloud Clusters, we are moving workloads from on-premises to cloud and vice versa effortlessly.”

– Sitaram Dhuri, Associate Vice President of IT, Straive

Clearway Energy Group logo

"With the changes at VMware due to the Broadcom acquisition, we are concerned about the new pricing structure. Since Nutanix includes a powerful hypervisor at no additional cost, it just makes sense to save money by going with Nutanix AHV. Nutanix’s 1-click conversion from VMware ESXi to AHV makes it easy to migrate hypervisors."

– Chris Hutchins, Director, IT Infrastructure, Information Technology, Clearway Energy Group

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Find Nutanix partners for infrastructure deployment
and VMware to Nutanix migration services.

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Speak with an expert to learn how Nutanix can help you easily move applications to the cloud or from existing VMware deployments in AWS or Azure without refactoring.

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