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Financial services hybrid multicloud cloud

Simplicity and choice in a single pane

Simplified IaaS and multicloud governance with a secure, sustainable, cloud-native architecture. Ensure a flexible platform that exceeds industry cost, automation, and performance standards.

Innovation at any scale - from cloud to branch

Modernize and manage across all locations, from the public cloud to collocated bare metal (BmaaS) and thick edge, scaling up or down without sacrificing modernization.

Secure and operationally resilient

Improve your security and ransomware posture within NIST Cybersecurity Guidelines with a zero-trust solution design and a self-healing distributed platform

Make your data a business driver

AI readiness: data control and protection

Whether contextualizing compliance or enhancing operational automation, create, deploy, and manage AI/ML and GenAI project APIs and LLMs efficiently.

Unified data services

Maintain customer confidence and compliance (e.g., DORA) for all data types, from transactional to text, using software-defined storage with embedded data protection, WORM, BCDR, and ransomware defense.


Simplify database management to accelerate and secure complex data logistics for AI/MLanalytics, OLTP, OLAP, time series, SQL/NoSQL, and more.

Drive mobile and digital-first financial experiences for apps

Modern applications

Modern payments, banking, or insurance apps require microservices to deliver timely insights and enhanced user experiences. Nutanix Kubernetes management makes it simple to empower developers and IT.

Business critical applications

As the financial industry digitizes critical applications (e.g., core banking, OMS/EMS), Nutanix helps ensure optimal operations and cloud placement efficiency.

Seamless workforce productivity 

Empower your workforce, including traders, risk managers, or underwriters, to drive business. Our end-user computing (EUC) offers secure, performant, and simple data and app management.

Nutanix is trusted by
2,000+ financial services customers

Bottomline Technologies

“I’m continually impressed with what the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform can do – both the speed at which it can be deployed and the way it just works.”

- Peter Marshall, Head of Infrastructure at Bottomline Technologies

Generali Life Insurance

“We are leveraging a combination of private and public cloud capabilities that keep regulators happy while giving us the agility to build the digital solutions to seize on the market opportunities."

- Byju Joseph, Chief Technology Officer at Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited

RBL Bank

“We have gone beyond HCI with Nutanix, using its suite of products for application and database automation, micro-segmentation and much more for faster business results, while never losing the promise of simplicity and high performance.”

- Tejas Mehta, CTO at RBL Bank

Our Partner Ecosystem

Microsoft logo


Nutanix accelerates hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure to unlock new opportunities to empower intelligent banking, modernize trading, and personalize insurance software systems.


With Nutanix and Citrix digital workspaces, financial services institutions – banks, brokerages, investment firms, and insurance companies can provide employees and customers with secure instant access to apps and data on any device, over any network, in any cloud environment.

Red Hat

Nutanix IaaS is simplifying and helping scale the power Red Hat brings to financial services firms that are looking to enterprise open-source solutions to adapt to customer expectations for convenience, speed, and engagement.


Accelerate the adoption of financial services hybrid cloud on AWS and deliver a more cost-effective solution for disaster recovery, on-demand bursting and application migration and modernization.

Compliance and security
for financial services

Nutanix understands the financial services industry's unique security, regulatory, and compliance obligations. We have established robust global security, data protection, and privacy standards programs to validate and certify our solutions that third-party auditors have tested and validated. Controls and standards include SEC Rule 17-a-4(f), PCI-DSS, PII, SOC, NIST 800-207, ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018, and other certifications.

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