Nutanix Kubernetes® Platform

Built to Solve the Toughest Kubernetes Management Challenges

Nutanix Kubernetes® Platform(NKP) creates a consolidated orchestration and management environment by simplifying Kubernetes management and deployment. NKP enables all the modernization benefits you seek in a Kubernetes solution, including agility, speed to market, new customer experiences, new business models, a competitive edge, and a future-proof foundation for ongoing innovation.

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Simplification Through Automation: The Key to Kubernetes Success

The Nutanix Kubernetes Platform (NKP) simplifies Kubernetes platform management through best-of-breed automation services that reduce complexity and establish consistency and standardization.

NKP simplifies the most difficult parts of Kubernetes platform management through automation, including top-to-bottom declarative APIs, integrated GitOps workflow, built-in security, and centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud fleet management, all of which enables DevOps teams to overcome a Kubernetes skills gap.

By simplifying Kubernetes platform management and application lifecycle management, NKP enables organizations to easily overcome Day-2 operational barriers (security, observability, reliability, upgradeability, backup and restore, policy management, governance, and more) and get up and running in minutes rather than weeks and months.

NKP simplifies Kubernetes platform management and deployment across all infrastructures–including cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise, edge, and air-gapped environments–with the same consistent declarative API across all environments.

NKP enables customers to manage Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, and Google GKE clusters in a fully automated way. The result is a consistent, repeatable approach to managing the end-to-end lifecycle of EKS, AKS, and GKE clusters from a centralized point of control. NKP also adds all the supplementary services required to elevate Amazon EKS and Microsoft AKS to production-ready Kubernetes platforms via an easy-to-deploy turnkey solution.

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How NKP Simplifies Kubernetes Management


Declarative APIs Provide Instant Platform Engineering

Declarative APIs and GitOps workflows are integral platform management capabilities that enable NKP to provide instant platform engineering, an internal development platform (IDP) that provides a “golden path” to enable DevOps teams to focus on higher-value mission-critical applications rather than worrying about cluster and infrastructure security issues.


GitOps Workflow

Integrated FluxCD enables GitOps workflows. This is the most robust and foolproof way to manage Kubernetes, enabling you to rapidly build, test, and deploy applications at scale. Automation eliminates the problems associated with brittle custom scripts.

Monitor and Manage Clusters


A centralized management plane enables you to visualize, monitor, and manage clusters across distributed multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments from a single point of command. Observability also includes user visualizations for business units and developers.


Military-Grade Security

NKP exceeds NSA/CISA Kubernetes security hardening guidelines and can be configured to meet defined security standards. Each component is scanned for vulnerabilities before release. NKP also simplifies full air-gapped deployments via self-contained images and purpose-built automation.

Cost Management

Service Catalog

Quickly and easily deploy applications and complex data services from a centralized service catalog to specific or multiple clusters, with governance. This simplifies and accelerates the provisioning of fast data pipelines such as Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Kafka in all environments, including at the edge.

Cost Management

Real-time Cost Management

Surveys show 30% to 40% of organizations’ cloud spend is wasted, the leading cause being lack of visibility into cloud usage. NKP enables you to eliminate waste through integrated cost management that enables you to visualize, monitor, and manage resources and costs across multiple clusters, workloads, teams, and infrastructures in real time.

Cost Management

NKP Insights

NKP Insights is your intelligent copilot that gives you Kubernetes troubleshooting superpowers. It analyzes clusters and ensures that best practices are being followed. When issues occur, it performs automatic root cause analysis and recommends steps to resolve them. It can even spot problematic trends long before they impact production. This prevents costly downtime and speeds up time to resolution.

Cost Management

Pure Upstream Kubernetes

Unlike other Kubernetes management platforms, NKP is built on pure upstream CNCF-conformant Kubernetes, enabling you to enjoy the innovation of the open-source community while avoiding the portability, compatibility, upgradeability, and security issues associated with forked Kubernetes versions and dependencies.

Cost Management

Multi-cluster Platform Lifecycle Management

NKP simplifies the complete management lifecycle of clusters through the central management plane. This enables you to break down operational silos, eliminate duplicate efforts, and standardize on a highly resilient and secure stack on any infrastructure–cloud, bare metal, edge, or air-gapped.

Kubernetes Management Done Right Is Simplification Through Automation

Lifecycle Management

Declarative APIs + GitOps = Kubernetes Done Right

The agility organizations seek in deploying Kubernetes derives directly from DevOps agility. NKP gives DevOps teams this agility by simplifying Kubernetes management through declarative APIs, GitOps workflows, and centralized multi-cluster, multi-cloud fleet management. This enables a consistent expansion of Kubernetes across distributed environments and provides a secure and flexible platform for ongoing innovation.

Declarative APIs Provide Standardization and Consistency

NKP provides declarative provisioning of any Kubernetes cluster or CNCF-conformant Kubernetes distribution, as well as end-to-end declarative lifecycle management for infrastructure and applications from a central point of control. This imparts consistency, standardization, and higher levels of security and performance across disparate clusters with zero downtime.

Declarative APIs Simplify Deployment of Advanced Applications

Through declarative APIs and an integrated service catalog, NKP simplifies the deployment of advanced applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and fast data pipelines. With NKP, you can automatically provision Apache Spark, Cassandra, and Kafka from the management plane’s catalog of platform applications and create a robust Kubernetes platform that will support powerful AI/ML applications and unleash innovation.

Declarative APIs Provide Instant Platform Engineering

NKP is designed around Cluster API, which together with GitOps workflow enables DKP to provide instant platform engineering. This simplifies Kubernetes platform management, enabling you to manage a fleet of clusters across multiple infrastructure providers with a consistent API. This is superior to solutions that use infrastructure-specific, imperative, and brittle scripted deployments.

Machine learning

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*NKP for Kubernetes v.1.11. Kubernetes ® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation. NKP builds upon mature Kubernetes management technologies proven at scale by D2iQ’s Kubernetes Platform, which was acquired by Nutanix in 2023. NKP is expected to be available in the Summer of 2024.