Big Data Analytics

Unleash Your Data with Nutanix for Splunk 

Nutanix provides simplicity, stability, and scalability for Splunk deployments. Focus on data analytics and insights, not the infrastructure. Make data-driven decisions and take confident actions.

Data Driven Business Success

Gain real-time visibility and business insight across IT operations, as well as security and events management.

TBs of Daily Data Ingest

Nutanix data services simplify provisioning and management while increasing utilization. Provide a high performing, highly available platform for Splunk.

8x Faster Time to Value

Accelerate the Splunk time to value from pilot to production. Eliminate the need to architect and manage separate storage for Splunk data.

85% Less Unplanned Downtime

Focus on data insights and let Nutanix simplify the lifecycle management of the Splunk stack.

Span Clusters for Seamless Data Management

With Nutanix Objects you can free land-locked storage across any of your clusters achieving higher utilization efficiency and providing the scale your rapidly growing data hungry unstructured workloads need.

Eliminate Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt with Well Architected Solutions

Also known as object-based storage, object storage differs from other computer data storage architectures in that it lets you manage objects and access data via unique keys rather than through file systems or data blocks.

How It All Comes Together

Splunk performs three key functions as it processes data: it ingests data, it parses and indexes the data, and it also runs searches on the indexed data. 

Nutanix powers the Splunk search head, indexer, and forwarder VMs as well as the deployment, license, and Splunk user VMs. We provide scalable storage services to handle TBs of daily ingest rates, deliver fast search response times, and comply with data retention policies. 

Nutanix completes the Splunk solution with a set of foundational solutions that addresses security, predictive resource analytics, data protection, intelligent IT operations, application automation, and business continuity/disaster recovery.


Master Your Data Services

Don’t architect and manage separate storage for Splunk data. Integrate your data services and optimize your Splunk investment. Data locality and intelligent tiering ensure optimum performance without constant tuning.

Enable 1-Click Splunk Deployment and Management

Simplify and accelerate Splunk deployments using Nutanix Calm blueprints. Deploy repeatable Splunk environments in minutes and manage with the Nutanix 1-Click experience.

Reduce Your Footprint

Slash your footprint by up to 4x with HCI and capacity optimizations such as compression, deduplication, and erasure coding.

Nutanix is Splunk SmartStore Ready

More and more IT organizations are having to store an enormous amount of logs for years to ensure compliance. More often than not, Splunk is the tool of choice for them. The challenge the ever growing log-storage requirement poses is where to store the growing data set (so scale is important) and how to store it in a cost effective manner (price).

To address these challenges, Splunk has introduced the Splunk SmartStore architecture. SmartStore enables Splunk customers to use object storage for their data retention requirements. Splunk can talk to an S3-compatible object store natively. This is where Nutanix Objects fits in since it is Splunk SmartStore ready. Nutanix Objects provides a hyper-scalable, easy to use, cloud-integrated and secure solution at an object store price point.

Definitive Guide to Big Data Analytics on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

In this eBook, we explore what really constitutes big data, how it can provide a competitive advantage in any industry, and how to deploy an agile infrastructure ready to run today’s big data tools.


Virtualizing Splunk on Nutanix AHV

Learn how the Splunk on Nutanix solution provides a single high-density platform for Splunk, VM hosting, and application delivery.

Deliver Hybrid Cloud Your Way

Learn how enabling hybrid cloud with Nutanix gives you the flexibility to pick the right resources for the right workload and adjust seamlessly as your business grows.

Splunk on Nutanix Solution Brief

Learn how Nutanix takes the complexity out of managing infrastructure to support Splunk, allowing your teams to spend more time gaining insight and adding value. 

Get Hands-On with Nutanix Test Drive 2.0!

With Test Drive 2.0, we wanted to start expanding the offerings to showcase more of the solution portfolio.

Nutanix Calm Blueprints for Splunk

This Nutanix Calm blueprint will deploy a Splunk instance in a VM. One Search head, one master node, and two indexers. 6 vDisk have been added to complete BP.

How to Build a Cloud Platform

This short video shows how easy it is to get started with a Nutanix Private Cloud. Simplified design, operation, automation and scaling of today’s modern cloud. 

Hyperconverged Test Drive

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Nutanix Product UI of Dashboard

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