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Databases should be the engines from which the business derives its innovation—rapidly extracting valuable nuggets of data that could aid the development of a new application, helping transform customer experiences, and deriving smart new insights that can help business leaders pivot the business towards an unforeseen opportunity in the market.

Unfortunately, many organizations today are strapped using legacy database platforms that are not only decades old, but also incredibly manual to operate and maintain, costly and complex, and prone to lengthy downtimes—and even data breaches. Meanwhile, innovation and growth are simultaneously stifled.

A New Approach to Database Management

Unleashing the power of your data to fuel business growth requires a change of the old guard, a challenging of the status quo. Rather than remaining stuck in the perpetual
cycle of traditional, siloed and complex database platforms that require major refreshes and constant upgrades — only to fail to meet the business needs — it's time for a fresh approach.

"Database-as-a-Service offers the promise of making database management simpler by providing a common control plane that automates the housekeeping tasks of provisioning, snapshot replication, high availability and failover, patching, and upgrading."

- Tony Baer, Founder and Principal, dbInsight


Database Management Made Easy

Provisioning, patching, cloning, copy data management. Just some of the many labor-intensive tasks that database administrators have to deal with. Watch how Nutanix Database-as-a-Service can help.

Databases on Hyperconverged Infrastructure:
Top 20 Questions Answered

We've compiled the top questions we've been asked by both IT infrastructure admins and DBAs over the years into one handy guide for a quick look at how to modernize your database operations by running them all on a single platform.

Nutanix Solution for Databases

One platform for all your databases
Automated Lifecycle Management
Deployment Choice

Combine the Best of Both Worlds for the Ultimate Database Experience

We took a new and unique stance to transform the way you operate your existing database ecosystem. We developed a platform that virtualizes and brings all your database engines under one roof with one-click operations that make monitoring, optimizing and managing all your databases much simpler and faster. We then added modern cloud-ready database-as-a-service capabilities that automate and eliminate much of the administrative load. The result is a database solution that performs exceptionally well, as the business demands it, is always available, secure and extremely cost-efficient.

One Platform For All Databases

Lay the foundation for success for your database team with the industry's leading infrastructure platform that both virtualizes and consolidates your databases under one powerful, yet easy management plane.

Cloud-Ready Database Services

Leverage transformative database services that complete core database management lifecycle tasks in minutes, driving productivity up while giving administrators their weekends back.

Supporting Your Existing Database Environments

Turn your Database into a Service

Find out from industry expert Tony Baer, why organizations are making the move to Database-as-a-Service in an effort to simplify database management while still maintaining control.

Why Run your Databases on Nutanix


Simplify your database operations by reducing time spent on maintenance tasks by as much as 87%.


Deploy databases in minutes not weeks, accelerating time-to-value by up to 10X.


Experience near-zero downtime on production database workloads.


Complete critical security patching during your lunch hour across the entire estate to prevent vulnerability.


Reduce administrative inefficiencies by 66% bringing TCO down by up to 62%.

The TCO of DBaaS

Learn how a lone DBA in an enterprise environment was able to overcome the traditional challenges of a database environment with Nutanix DBaaS.


Power Up Your Database

Experience a day in the life of a database administrator and how Nutanix addresses many of the typical challenges faced.

Used by Leading Companies Across All Industries


Danish Publisher experiences 5X performance improvement across 350 databases and 40+ server instances after consolidating onto a single Microsoft SQL cluster.


"By moving to Nutanix, we were able to realize a 10x reduction in aggregated capital costs."

- Chris Cate, EVP and CIO, Valpak

JSC Kazakhtelecom

"All of our vital business analytics, including our Oracle and SAP databases, have now been migrated to the Nutanix platform. By moving to Nutanix, we were able to reduce the time required to run the analysis by 3-5x."

- Sergey Ivashov, Director of Corporate Information Systems, JSCKazakhtelecom

Bauer Built Tire

"In the four years we've been running all of our production workloads on Nutanix, we've had zero downtime."

- Charlie Kavaloski, Director of IT, Bauer Built Tire

Survive or Thrive - Database Simplicity is Key

Learn how our simplified approach to managing your databases - your innovation engines - can unlock your company's most valuable asset: your data.

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