Prism for Operations and Management

Streamline Your Infrastructure Management and IT Operations

Manage your global Nutanix HCI infrastructure from one console. Optimize virtualization and infrastructure management with predictive analytics and task automation.

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Why IT Loves Prism

1-click Management Simplicity

Eliminate the complexity of IT infrastructure management with Prism’s elegant simplicity. Handle most management tasks with a single click.

Automate Your Operations

Automate day-to-day operational tasks with insights into infrastructure and applications. Improve operations productivity with zero coding.

Optimize Your Resources and Cost

Create accurate forecasts for business demands. Prism learns real-time performance behavior of VMs, detects anomalies, and shows all infrastructure costs in one place.

Intelligent Automation for Your Nutanix HCI

Currently evaluating Nutanix? Join us for a demo-driven overview of Prism Pro, our intelligent automation for infrastructure solution.

Automate IT Operations With Confidence

Are you a current Nutanix customer? Learn about some of the latest features of Prism and how they can intelligently automate your day-to-day operations with just a few clicks.

Capabilities & Benefits

Best in class, intuitive simplicity

Prism lets you manage your entire environment through a single, elegant console. Simplify monitoring and remediation with an end-to-end, application-centric view of your network—from every node in the cluster to VM-specific details. Maintain control over resources with role-based access control (RBAC), and automate workflows with Prism’s comprehensive REST APIs.

Codeless Task Automation

Prism’s X-Play links intelligent signals with automated actions, allowing IT teams to automate day-to-day operational tasks with zero coding. Instantly improve operational productivity. X-Play automatically analyzes consumption across all VMs, detects inefficiencies, and corrects provisioning issues with no administrative intervention.

Discovery and Application Monitoring 

Prism features real-time, agentless application discovery, giving you a clear view into the full stack of your applications. Prism also simplifies monitoring by collecting and analyzing application metrics, and shortens root cause analysis and mean time to resolution of infrastructure-related application issues thanks to industry leading behavior learning and anomaly detection capabilities..

Capacity and Cost Governance

Prism anticipates capacity needs for both applications and clusters, enabling pay-as-you-grow scaling. Prism also has cost governance capabilities, powered by Xi Beam, that allow users to manage and analyze the cost of their Nutanix and cloud environments. With automated budget alerts and algorithmic projections, it has never been easier to track infrastructure scale and spend.

The Home Depot Loves Prism

“Prism Pro makes it extremely easy to watch all of the clusters in our environment and quickly reconfigure things as needed. It provides very clear metrics on oversubscription and utilization, giving us a powerful, proactive capacity management function that we never had before...Since Prism Pro is so easy to use, we told the database engineers they could quickly learn to manage their own environments and monitor capacity utilization.”

Kevin Priest, Senior Director, The Home Depot

How It All Comes Together

Eliminate management silos with a single intelligent view into your global infrastructure. Like AOS, Prism is built on a scalable architecture that scales with your business and keeps itself protected.

Prism For IT Management

Compute Management
Enjoy simplified workflows throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Network Management
Configure your physical and virtual networks, monitor network flows, and secure workloads.

Storage Management
Manage VM-centric workflows for storage deployment, management, and scaling.

Prism For IT Operations

Monitor Infrastructure
Monitor how workloads consume compute and storage. Get actionable insights on capacity to meet business demands.

Understand Signals
Learn the real-time behavior of VMs and detect anomalies automatically. Reduce your infrastructure alert storm.

Operate Intelligently
Use playbooks for easy automation with zero coding. Automate day-to-day operational tasks and increase productivity.

What our customers are saying...

Western Washington University

“The proactive approach to capacity planning prevents surprises. The runway optimization recommendations, which are available with a single click, also help hunt for dead or over-provisioned VMs. Being able to manage our upgrades with a few clicks from Prism saves the team valuable time.”

- Jon Junell, Assistant Director of IT 

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit

"Troubleshooting is much easier with Nutanix because of the great visibility we get with the Prism interface...With Nutanix, we can now focus on delivering services to our business units, not managing our data center.”

- Ravi Misra, Chief Information Officer

Trek Bikes

Prism allows us to centrally manage our storage, compute, and hypervisor with a single management pane. As a result, troubleshooting and management tasks that used to take hours, take just minutes with Nutanix.”

- Dane Sandersen, Global Security and Infrastructure Director

Become an Expert

How to Succeed in a Rapidly Evolving Operations World

Prism Pro has been used by many of our largest customers to improve their IT Ops efficiency. We will walk through a few use cases we have seen from customers.

Getting Started | Nutanix Prism

Learn how machine learning-based automation lets you manage an enterprise cloud datacenter intelligently. Detect and report unexpected infrastructure events, and remediate issues automatically with Prism.

How-To Videos: Prism for Management

How-To Videos: Prism for IT Operations


Prism Management Tier (Starter) Tech Note

Prism manages the entire stack, from the storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to virtual machines (VMs). Manage single nodes with both Prism Central and Prism Element consoles, and manage clusters with Prism Central.

Prism Operations Tier (Pro & Ultimate) Tech Note

Prism intelligently optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence.

The Economic Benefits of Intelligent IT Automation with Nutanix

This ESG study describes how leveraging automation provided by Nutanix can significantly reduce operational costs, while providing faster time to value, improved business agility, and reduced risk to the organization.

Prism Infrastructure Management  YouTube Series

With Prism you can manage all of your virtual environments, from storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to virtual machines running on AOS, seamlessly and easily.

Prism AIOps in Action YouTube Series

Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism automates common tasks and generates actionable insights to optimize virtualization, infrastructure management, and everyday operations.ce.

Improving IT Cost Efficiency

While IT teams face unprecedented pressure to reduce costs, they are still expected to improve operations and agility. In this blog we take a look at how Nutanix can help you keep overall IT spending under control.

Creating a Resilient and Scalable IT Team with Automation

Once you’ve used hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to reduce the complexity of managing your infrastructure stack, the next step is to achieve greater integration and automation.

ITSM Integration

Prism offers out of the box integrations with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, Jira, and many more. Nutanix customers can respond to alerts and incidents directly in their ticketing portal.

Automate IT Operations With Confidence

Are you a current Nutanix customer? Learn about some of the latest features of Prism Pro, and how they can intelligently automate your day-to-day operations with just a few clicks.

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