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Accelerate Cloud Journey through Multicloud Governance

A unified solution for providing intelligent operations, self-service and orchestration, security compliance and visibility, and control of cloud costs

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Brilliantly simple multicloud management

Build your platform faster, empower your IT organization by automating routine tasks, and enjoy a prompt return on your investment.

Enable smart IT cloud
monitoring and operations

Codeless task automation

With a few clicks, IT teams can automate their day-to-day operational tasks. They can build automation and improve operations productivity with ease and confidence with zero coding. 

Automated optimization

When detecting the performance of a VM deviates from its normal behavior significantly, it raises an anomaly alert automatically. There is no configuration needed.

Capacity usage and scenario analysis

Foresee application capacity needs and cluster capacity runways to enable pay-as-you-grow scaling and improve capacity usage with right-sizing optimizations.

Automation and cloud orchestration

Self-service provisioning

Blueprints can be published directly to end users through the Nutanix Marketplace. In addition, blueprints can be created in a user interface or via Python code.

Application lifecycle management

Provision, configure, scale, upgrade, and delete applications across cloud environments to design complex blueprints that span multiple environments and teams.

Hybrid multicloud orchestration

Automate the provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures, managing both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments, from a single control plane.

Multicloud cost and security governance

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Showback, chargeback, and budgeting

Automatically create cloud consumption reports, define chargeback policies to allocate any untagged spending to a cost center, and set up budget alerts to keep costs under control.

Automated right-sizing and intelligent purchases

Leverage machine-learning algorithms to automatically detect anomalous spending patterns and take proactive cost control actions.

Learn more about Cost Governance

Holistic security monitoring and remediation 

Utilize 250+ audits for public clouds and 500+ audits for Nutanix on-prem, understanding asset visibility across multiple clouds.

Learn more about Nutanix Security Central

Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Management Solution

Learn how NCM helps customers handle their infrastructure and gain cloud efficiency.

Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

"Nutanix automation sets you up for success. There’s no coding involved so you can build things visually and get up and running very quickly."

- Jarod Hallmark, VP of IT Infrastructure, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

"Nutanix makes it easy to watch all clusters and quickly reconfigure things as needed. Clear metrics on oversubscription and utilization enable us to proactively manage capacity."

- Kevin Priest, Senior Director,
The Home Depot

"Nutanix for cost governance paid for itself by providing the insight we need to control costs...saving thousands of dollars per month."

- Declan Fleming, Enterprise Architect for Cloud, UC San Diego

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Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Management Solution

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