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IT has the potential to make significant impacts for sustainability efforts by modernizing infrastructure to address environmental, energy, and economic demands.

Learn about the different factors that can influence the environmental impact of IT systems using Nutanix solutions.

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Sustainability is now an IT priority.

Enterprise Cloud Index


Enterprise Cloud Index respondents agree that sustainability is a priority for their organization.




Enterprise Cloud Index respondents modernized their IT infrastructure during the past year to improve sustainability.



Enterprise Cloud Index respondents plan to increase investments in sustainability efforts and technologies through 2024.



Build a sustainable IT strategy with Nutanix solutions

Consolidation of resources to a unified platform with automation, insights, and flexibility
can help achieve sustainability goals.



Reduce physical footprint, silos, and over-provisioning which can help save on power, cooling, carbon, and cost. Power only what you need.  Burst to cloud and hibernate clusters when they’re not in use. 

Optimize Workload Placement

Minimize digital carbon footprint. Run workloads where it makes the most sense in terms of emissions or power savings across edge, on-prem and hosted and public clouds.

Leverage Automation, Visibility & Insights

Put automated intelligence to work to optimize resources, enhance visibility and control, and empower smarter infrastructure decisions to achieve 53% more efficient IT Management1.

Enhance Business Resilience

Protect against against data loss and unexpected outages resulting in a 97% reduction in unplanned downtime1. Cyber and supply chain security by design.

mproving Sustainability in Data Centers

Read the Atlantic Ventures Improving
Sustainability in Data Centers Whitepaper

Potential Impact of Hyperconverged Architectures
 for Energy Efficient Data Center Operations to
Reduce Environmental Footprint

Related products

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI)

The leading hyperconverged infrastructure platform contributes to sustainability by consolidating compute, storage and network services into a single software defined platform. With its efficient architecture, it can lead to a reduction in resource consumption, energy use, and waste, supporting a more sustainable approach to IT infrastructure.

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Nutanix Cloud Clusters dramatically simplifies the migration, extension, and bursting of applications between on-premises and the cloud.  This enables the flexibility to move workloads based on focused priorities including location, energy or carbon reduction goals.  

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM)

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) uses automated intelligence to optimize workloads, enhance visibility across locations, and improve control to make smarter infrastructure decisions. Additionally, increased awareness via cost governance can help accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.

Nutanix is trusted by 24,000+ customers

Organic Valley modernized their IT Infrastructure to improve sustainability.

Organic Valley logo

Organic Valley shares how they cut their physical footprint by more than half, leading to reduced power usage, and substantial savings in cooling requirements.

“The IT department has greatly contributed to reducing power consumption with new, more efficient, virtualizable machines and with the centralization of services in the public cloud in order to use only the resources that are needed, which translates into efficiency and reduced carbon emissions"

- Francisco Javier Mollá, I&O Global Manager of Service Delivery for EMEA at Holcim Group

“Our legacy environment filled four racks, and we’re now down to less than half a rack of equipment with Nutanix.. By moving to Nutanix, we were able to cut our co-lo costs by 75% for power, cooling, and space.”


- Dane Sandersen, global security and infrastructure director at Trek.

"Our previous three-tier system consisted of about ten racks of compute equipment, and we have been able to reduce that to a quarter rack. Our power expenses have come down about 70%, which is working out to tens of thousands of dollars—and 24,000 kg of CO2 emissions—saved per year.”

- Simon Sowerby, Technical Services Coordinator, City of Unley


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carbon and power calculator

Nutanix Carbon and Power Estimator

Learn about the different factors that can influence the environmental impact of IT systems using Nutanix solutions.


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