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The Promise and Challenge of AI

AI is on the radar of every business leader today. It’s a priority and a mandate.
But the questions remain: How do you get started, and where should you invest? A recent survey revealed the challenges:

Security and Reliability


90% of respondents emphasize AI security and reliability, and most plan to enhance data protection and DR.

Bringing AI to the Edge


AI isn't confined to one location. 83% of respondents plan to boost their AI edge strategy investment.

Upgrade of IT Infrastructure


Today’s IT infrastructure wasn’t built for AI. 91% of respondents agree it's time to modernize.

Why Nutanix is Your Ideal AI Platform

Nutanix has built a solution for your AI success, with a single platform to seamlessly run apps, data, and AI from core to edge.

Enterprise Data Services & Security

For AI, data is your most critical asset. Nutanix offers integrated enterprise data services and security to protect your AI models and data, keeping your business online.

Streamlined AI Transformation

AI should be accessible and adaptable. With Nutanix, you can buy, build, or modify AI models and data from any source, and run anywhere your business needs it.

Simplified Operations

AI is a team effort, bridging the gap between data scientists and developers. Nutanix delivers cloud-like operations to enable seamless access to apps, workloads, and data.

Lower TCO

AI doesn’t have to strain your budget. Nutanix lowers TCO by delivering automation, dynamic resource allocation, and consolidation to optimize infrastructure costs.

Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box

We recently announced GPT-in-a-Box, a turnkey software-defined solution designed to seamlessly integrate generative AI and AI/ML applications into your organization while keeping data and applications under your control.

What GPT-in-a-Box delivers for AI:

  • Full AI Stack: Deploy curated set of LLMs using leading open source AI frameworks
  • Delivered Anywhere: From small-scale edge to large-scale private cloud
  • Built-in Data Services: Fine-tune and run GPTs while maintaining control of data and apps
GPT-in-a-Box Overview Demo Request
Nutanix GPT-in-a-box

Customer Case Study

“...will host the solution of the “Plants of Tomorrow” initiative, which incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to factories for the optimization of manufacturing and predictive maintenance processes.”

– Francisco Javier Mollá, I&O Global Manager of Service Delivery for EMEA

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